April Band Booster Updates

April 4th, 2016

Late Notice Apology

A quick apology for the late notice regarding the cancellation of the Booster Meeting. In preparation, I realized very little was on my list to discuss, and it appeared to be the same for the Booster Board. If this inconvenienced anyone, I do apologize!

Upcoming Schedule

April 15th-17th - Godspell Production at Saint Ignatius

April 19th - Flag Corps Clinic

April 21st - Flag Corps Clinic

April 26th - Flag Corps Tryouts

May 9th - Jazz Ensemble Concert

May 11th - Symphonic Band Concert

May 13th - Art Show/Steel Band Debut Performance

May 15th - Cleveland Marathon (Pep Band and Water Stations)

May 29th - Commencement Performance

Band Booster Officer Positions

At our upcoming meeting in May, we'll be looking to fill two positions for the Band Booster Board. If you have any interest in running for Treasurer or Secretary, please do not hesitate to contact either myself, Renee Copfer, or Maryanne Hiti! These are important positions that we do not want vacant. The Boosters provide numerous support opportunities to the Band --- without the Boosters a LOT of what we do would not be possible. Please consider becoming involved in this great organization.

A HUGE thank you to both Tina Filipovic and Anita Camma for their service to the ensemble over the course of this past year (and in Mrs. Filipovic's case, two years!). They have been invaluable to everything we have done.

Cleveland Marathon Band Booster Water Station – Twice the Fun This Year!

One of the most fun (and quickest) fundraising activities each year is the running of a water/Powerade station at the Cleveland marathon. With the growth of the band, we’ve committed to two water stations. In years past we had one side of the street and another group had the other side of the street. This year we have both sides of the street. I know we’re up to the challenge! This also means twice the amount of revenue we will receive. All volunteers receive a t-shirt, we typically get there about 6:00 AM and are done by about 9:30 AM. Coffee, orange juice and donuts will also be provided. Everyone welcome, great family event, please consider helping out, marathon is on Sunday, May 15th, more details to come as the event nears. Please RSVP to Tony and Tina Filipovic at filipovics@sbcglobal.net. Thank you!

Please also note we are planning to provide a Pep Band for the event. In the communication with the race organizers, the pep band will be about a half mile away from Saint Ignatius, however the positive publicity (and many thank yous from marathon participants) makes it well worth it!

Camellia Dinner

Please join us for the Camellia Dinner, Thursday April 21st at Cleveland’s Downtown Marriot at Key Center and sit at two of the most fun tables there. That would be the Band Boosters tables hosted by Anne Petters and Kristen Reinhart, of course! When you sign up via the below links, you will indicate them as your table leaders. Camellia Dinner is a terrifically fun night of fellowship, dinner, wine, auction and raffle created as the Mother’s Club, our Loyola Society’s ONLY fundraiser of the year. Have some fun and help us to raise the money that funds our son’s charitable works all year long.

The Invitation: http://www.ignatius.edu/document.doc?id=1587

Register here: https://www.ignatius.edu/camellia

St. Patrick's Day Wrap Up

A BIG thank you to everyone for the wonderful performance at the Cleveland St. Patrick's Day Parade! The Band and Flag Corps did a phenomenal job throughout, garnering the second place award in School Band category. With NINE bands participating this year, this was no small feat!

As many know, we had a professional film crew accompany us throughout the parade. I was able to see the "rough draft" of the videos, and they are in great shape. We're waiting on the green light from the school to send these out, and I anticipate this coming soon.

All of the Script Cats photos from Mr. Dimitrov have been distributed, except for one! Like always, these look phenomenal!!!

Any Questions?

If you have any questions regarding the Boosters, please don't hesitate to ask. Otherwise, this "digital meeting" is adjourned!