CrossFit Stars Ramadan Tournament

At CrossFit Stars We Train Hard All Year Round

Tournament Format

A new WOD will be posted on Thursday morning of each of the next 2 weeks, with a video from us explaining the movement standards. All CrossFitters will have three days (Thursday/Saturday/Sunday) to perform the workout in any of our CF bootcamps. The following Monday at 12:00am will be the deadline for coaches to submit the scores for the WOD of that week.

The top performers in each bootcamp are then invited by CrossFit Stars to participate in the final WOD on Saturday, August 3rd, for a chance to win the title of Ramadan’s Fittest Man or Woman.

A fundraiser for the Magdi Yacoub Foundation

CrossFit Stars is committed to giving back to the Egyptian society in any way it can. As health is a big concern for us, we have decided to contribute to the fight against heart disease. We are using this opportunity to raise money for the Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation.

We strongly urge all participants in this competition to voluntarily donate 50LE, to be collected by our coaches. The money raised will go into the foundations fund to help treat the cardiovascular patients who cannot afford covering their own medical costs.

Please visit the foundation's website to find out more about their amazing work: