The Americas


Aztec Calendars/Dates

The Aztecs' use symbols to determined the date, month and year is named tonalponualli.

Aztec Math/Number System

Aztec's had a conceptual idea of what zero was.
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Aztecs Hieroglyphs

Aztecs' also use animal drawings to read letters.

Aztecs Science

Aztec's use obsidian and chert, a special strong rock, to create weapons.

Aztec's Art and Music

The Aztecs people had various different types of music, many of the songs were sacred hymns the art was a history of many different types.


believed in multiple gods, most known where Haloc and Huitzilochtli, they sacrificed humans to keep sun moving.


It took the Gods 5 tries to create the world, Quetzalcoatl created the humans, Huitzuilopochtli sun God then sacrificed humans. They believed every 52 years the the world end unless the constellation of heiades showed.


They had the sun and Moon Pyramid in Teotihuacan to honor Haloc and Huitzilopochtl.

Houses and Buildings

The material Aztecs used to build houses was largely influence by their climate

Tools and Work Animals

They used hammers to make their jewelry

City and Empire Layout

Tenochititlan was an Aztec City. It was an urban island settlement that housed 200,00 inhabitants. It was one of the largest cities in the world at the time of the Spanish Conquest. Ehen the Mexicas came to power and Tenochtitlan's population began to grow explosively.

Farming and Hunting

Aztec farming has become most famous because of the brilliant Chinampas system that Aztec farmers used.


The Aztecs were located in the middle of the Mexico Valley in the center of the Lake Texco.


The Aztecs traded everything and it was important part of their life. Their economy relied heavily on agricultural and farming. The two most common way the Aztecs bartered was through the use of cocoa beans.


The basic unit of ancient Aztecs governments was the Calpulli. Families didn't individually own land, was owned by a group of families The Calpuli. There were several types of taxes depending the occasion: there were war, religion, time taxes etc.

Daily Life and Culture

The husband was primary responsible for supporting the family and the wife's role was to provide the family with clothing and food.