William Shakespeare

Shakespeare's career

Shakespeare went to London around 1584,during the period that is called Elizabethan Age.

In that period, theatrical drama was very important,the first theater was public in 1576 and it was very popular,London was sweep by culture wave of drama.That is a reason why Shakespeare can be so successful.

Shakepeare was in the group of actor called "King's Men". King's Men was a great group, and they built them own theater in 1599. The theater became one of the best-known theaters in London.Shakespeare's plays were also performed at court,of the King and Queen.

Shakespeare's life

Shakespeare was bron on April 26,1564,in Stratforf upon Avon.He married Anne Hathaway in 1582,and he had 3 children.Shakespeare went to london and became an successful actor. Shakespeare retired from the theater around 1613,died on April 23,1616.