Laurelton-Pardee News

September 25, 2015


Dear LP Families:

I sure hope this was a great week for your child(ren). It is such an exciting time to be at LP. Our classrooms are beginning to look alive with learning. By now, all of our students have been taught how to select books for independent reading and are beginning to build their reading stamina. I just love walking into classrooms when students are spread throughout the room reading so intently that they don't even notice I'm there. This is a good sign! Teachers are using this time to complete reading assessments that will help them form their small reading groups.

Thank you to all the families who came to last night's open house. I am especially grateful for your time in the cafeteria for the iPad overview. It will be very important that we form and sustain an ongoing partnership throughout our digital conversion efforts. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Enjoy your weekend! I hope to see you at the homecoming events this weekend.


Lucas Hiley


PS. The graphic below was used in last night's Open House presentation.

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Upcoming Events.

October 1 - Parent information night for band- LP Cafeteria at 7PM

October 9 - NO SCHOOL for School Improvement Day

October 12 - NO SCHOOL for Columbus Day

October 15 - School Picture Day

October 15 - PTA meeting at Helendale Road School at 7PM

October 30 - LP Costume Parade at 2:30

Information for this Year's Academic Intervention Services (AIS)

In the past, only select groups of students were able to receive targeted intervention for extra support in reading and math. In order to receive these interventions, students had to leave their classrooms. This meant that they had to miss instruction in the classroom while getting extra help. With our new model all students will regrouped each day – once for math and once for reading – to be with kids who have similar academic needs. Some students will work on filling gaps in their learning, while others have experiences that extend their learning. We will use several data points to help form these groups, and they will remain flexible throughout the year as students’ needs change. During this regrouping time, each grade level will be regrouped into as many as nine different groups, utilizing all available support staff and each classroom teacher. The student-to-teacher ratio will be improved in each of these settings.

iPad Usage and Digital Citizenship (from Parent Handbook)

It is the expectation of Laurelton-Pardee staff that students will use their iPads primarily as learning tools. They are provided to help students collaborate, create, read, write, and explore their educational world in deeper and richer ways. The iPads are NOT provided for students to take pictures, play games, or to use social media. Please remember that the iPads are property of the school district and subject to review at any time. Students may be required to delete photos and/or unnecessary applications.

Misuse of the iPad is taken very seriously. Consequences for misuse will align with our District Code of Conduct. Cyber bullying will not be tolerated and treated with the most severe consequences. Instances of cyber-bullying will also be reported as violations of the Dignity for All Students Act if applicable.

We are requesting that parents partner with us to help monitor their child(ren)’s use of the iPad. The internet has wonderful potential to open doors for learning, but it can put students in uncomfortable and unfamiliar situations. Please monitor your child’s use of the iPad. If you are finding it difficult to manage this at home, please consider requiring your child to leave his/her iPad at school. You can work this out with your child’s teacher.

We are providing education and monitoring for proper use of digital tools at school, but successful management of this matter requires sufficient parental involvement.

As a school policy, NO student will be allowed to take the iPad home until you have agreed to the terms of the iPad user agreement policy and protection plan. The nonrefundable cost of the iPad Protection Plan is $25 per school year. (iPads cost $479 so it is well worth the cost). You can complete this on line as well at with a credit card. We encourage you to consider this option, as it will be processed immediately and save you from having to fill out any paperwork. Please call our main office if we can assist you with this process. Also, all students under the age of 13 require parental email address to create their Apple ID. Apple IDs are needed before applications can be loaded onto an iPad.

Welcome New Staff

Welcome to Mrs. DeWitte

Mrs. DeWitte joins us as a long term substitute for Spanish. She has had rich experiences immersed in Spanish culture and as a teacher of Spanish. Welcome!

Mrs. Mey

Mrs. Mey joins us permanently after teaching at LP last spring. She is a teacher for students who are learning English as a new language. We are so lucky to have her. Welcome aboard.