Highly Effective Students

Ronald M

My Habits Now

Im the type of student that has to be fully concentrated to stay completely working. I also have to really understand the concept of what the work or project is. If I have Knowledge of what the work is talking about I can focus a lot better then when people around me are distracting me. When im working on something and someone distracts me its takes my mind off it completely and i end up getting nothing done. If i didn't get distracted so much i could work more harder and better.

Top Five Study Habits

1. Organization- because Im a really unorganized person and its hard for me to find things in my stuff.

2. A better way to study- cause its hard for me to find one studying technique and stick with it, but if i could find one i wouls use it.

3. Getting more sleep- If I was to get more sleep, I would be more awake during school and I would pay more attention and get more work done.

4. Ask more Questions- I could ask more questions and have the teacher explain it to me more and better then what the directions say.

5. Study in Different Places- If I was to study in different places then I could choose a place that works for me and that I wont get distracted that much.

Top Three Study Habits

In my future, I would like to be an Mechanic. I want to be a mechanic because cars and engines fascinate me and i just want to have fun working on something that I love. In able to become a mechanic you have to have a high school diploma or a GED. Also you have to get more training in that field, so you have to get more skilled in things like math and even English. After that you have to get certified to work in that field cause nobody's going to hire someone not certified to do the job. After all that you get to go work with an automotive shop as an assistant mechanic and that usually lasts only a couple of months. An mechanic depending on how good you are, and what you do in the shop, can make up from $17.65 to $29.43 dollars an hour and make an annual salary of $36.710 a year

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