Special Area Spotlight

Chantilly Montessori

January 2016


Primary - Students will celebrate China and create a mixed media fish kite. They will then

create a wonderful "Tree of Winter" painting.

Lower El - Students will look at reptiles and will create a colorful 3-D reptile creature.

Upper El - Students will look at North Carolina-born artist Romare Bearden. They will create a mixed media collage in the style of this great historical artist.


Primary - Students will begin a unit about Africa in conjunction with classroom instruction. Students will hear fiction stories by author Jan Brett that relate to the topic of Africa. Students will begin to explore nonfiction text, including online database articles from sources such as PebbleGo Animals.

Lower El - Students will begin a new unit on the NC Children's Books Award (NCCBA) nominees. Students will continue to focus on story elements as well as notice author and illustrator craft and how those influence the text.

Upper El - Students will continue their study of fiction genres and will complete research about an author of their choice. Students will present their learning via Google Slides.

Media Guides - Students have been assisting weekly before school in the media center this year. Students help shelve books, straighten shelves, deliver books to classrooms, and help with a variety of special projects. Students also serve as role models by assisting younger students who are looking for books.


Primary - Students will work to aurally and visually discern between high and low pitches. We will sing familiar and new songs and primarily focus on two-pitch melodies.

Lower Elementary - Students will expand their understanding of melody as a series of pitches that have rhythm. They will aurally and visually identify pitches in new and familiar songs and will use instruments to play melodic ostinatos to accompany songs and poetry.

Upper Elementary - Students will expand their understanding of diatonic (scale) vs. pentatonic arrangements of pitches and will use that understanding to improvise short melodic ostinatos and practice using the diatonic scale in instrumental exercises.

Chorus - Our December tree-lighting performance was a delight. The children did a fantastic job. They will be working on learning some pieces to share at an assisted living facility and will begin working on a musical drama performance to be held in April.

Orchestra - Violinists are continuing to refine their playing skills, use of the bow, and development of musicality while playing scales, exercises, solos, and duets.


Primary - Classes will begin exploring some new movements. Toward the middle and end of the month, our movements and activities will focus on different ways to jump, hop and leap. Working on those movements will help get us geared up for our Jump Rope for Heart Event in February.

Lower El - Students will progress through different skill levels of jumping rope. Each skill level has more challenging jumps, and the students will be working on a variety of tricks to show off during the Jump Rope for Heart Event in February. We will also learn about the function of the heart and how to keep it healthy through vigorous exercise and a balanced diet.

Upper El - Students will work on a variety of basketball skills. We will practice dribbling, a variety of passing techniques, as well as some shooting. Upper El will learn about heart health as well, in conjunction with the Jump Rope for Heart Fundraiser.

Health - The 6th Grade Health Class has just finished up a unit on Personal and Consumer Health. Beginning in January we will learn about Interpersonal Communication and Relationships. These lessons focus on how to effectively talk and listen to each other. Learning these skills creates an understanding of each others' differences and how to problem-solve peacefully when a disagreement arises.

Student Government - Student Government has been working very hard this year on a variety of issues. The main focus so far this year has been on how to make our school a more peaceful place. Some of the things we will be rolling out in January to the school is a way to keep our campus clean from litter and a way to keep our common areas (hallways, cafeteria, bathrooms etc.) of the school neat and tidy. One other focus of the student government is to use grace and courtesy throughout our building. The students have a plan to help remind everyone in the school, including both students and teachers alike!!