PCHC Spotlight

June 2015

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Reminders, News and Events:

  • June 4 - Preschool/4s - Graduation at 4 pm

  • June 15-18 - AACPS two hour early dismissal

  • June 19 - Donuts for Dad (Father's Day Celebration)

  • June 18 - Last day of school for AACPS

  • June 22 - Summer Program Begins!!

  • July 4 - PCHC closed for July 4th Holiday


  • Remember to change out the clothing in your child's cubby for Spring/Summer.

  • Please apply sunscreen to your child before arriving at school. If you would like sunscreen reapplied before the children go outside, please complete a sunscreen permission form and leave a labeled bottle of sunscreen in your child’s cubby.

  • For safety purposes, closed toe shoes are required for the playground. If you send your child to school in open toe shoes, it is important that you send a pair of closed toe shoes to school as well. Please make sure your child has the appropriate footwear to play outside.

Happy Birthday!

  • Logan H. - 6/6
  • Charles L. - 6/7
  • Autumn A. - 6/13
  • Adonis S. - 6/15
  • Royce B. - 6/21
  • Katie F. - 6/21
  • Sarah F. - 6/23
  • Matthew K. - 6/24
  • Grace B. - 6/25
  • Josephine A. - 6/27


June 6 - Ms. Kathy (Kitchen)

June 18 - Ms. Kaitlynn (Infant Teacher)

June 26 - Ms. Mia (Director/Office)

Classroom Updates

Classroom Names:

We have created fun names for all of our classrooms. The teachers and children were assigned the theme - ocean animals. Each classroom had fun doing some research and learning about the ocean animal they chose for their room name. We will now refer to each room by the following names and you will see a sign outside of each classroom that reflects to the room name. The children had so much fun with this project and working with the teachers to create their room sign!

  • Infant A - Angel Fish
  • Infant B - Star Fish
  • Toddlers - Manatees
  • 2s - Lion Fish
  • Preschool 3/4s - Clown Fish
  • Preschool 4/5s - Sharks
  • School Age/Homework Center - Narwhals

Infants - Angel Fish and Star Fish

Infant - Angel Fish (Side A)

We are kicking off summer in the month of June with fun filled activities and our new under the sea theme. This month we will be working on sign language for “eat and more." Please work with your child at home as well.

Our classroom activities include movement exercises and under the sea crafts. Our water play days will be every Monday. We strongly encourage parents to bring their child already in their swimsuits, with a change of clothes and a towel. We would like to wish our Incredible Infant dads a happy Father’s Day. You are doing a great job!

I cannot wait to spend another exciting month with our incredible Angel fish on side A.

Infant B - Star Fish

Happy June! We are so excited to be coming into another wonderful month. Infant side B has so many fun activities for the month of June.

Our theme for the month is “Under the Sea”. We will be learning about the sea and sea animals. Our sign words for the month are “all done” and “eat”.

We also will have water sensory play every Monday. We encourage the parents or guardians to please bring your child already in their swimsuit and water shoes and to have a change of clothes. We also would like to wish all of our amazing dads a very Happy Father's Day!

Ms. Kaitlynn – Infant A - Angel Fish

Ms. Shanell and Ms. Bre – Star Fish

Toddlers - Manatees

We are excited to welcome June and warmer weather! For the month of June our themes are transportation and Summer.

For transportation we will learn about different kinds of vehicles. We will paint cars, trucks and airplanes. We will also sing songs like "The Wheels on the Bus." We will play with cars and wash them and drive them around the classroom.

Our core concepts this month are:

  • Color: blue
  • Shape: square
  • Sign Language: Daddy

We will learn the nursery rhyme "Hey Diddle Diddle."

We will continue to learn about sharing and using our words. We have been encouraging the children to say "no not nice" when their classmates do something they don't like.

We hope our Dad's have a wonderful Father's Day!

Ms. Cheryl and Ms. Mellissa

Twos - Lion Fish

The lion fish are welcoming summer! We are going to learn all about beaches and boats in June. Then we will focus on how we are all different with "all about me week". We are taking a trip to the past with decades week this month too! We can't wait to share these fun summer themes with our students!

We will learn all about the letters E and F numbers 8 and 9 in English and Spanish for the month of June. Our class will add the signs "hot and cold" to our sign language knowledge. We would like to wish our dads a Happy Father's Day!

Ms. Jenni and Ms. Ashley E.

Threes/Fours - Clown Fish

We are welcoming June and the start of our summer program! We will continue to review and reinforce learning through numbers, letters, shapes, Spanish, sign language and, math concepts such as more, less, same, for the summer. In addition we will practice our handwriting and writing our names.

This summer we will be doing many fun activities as well as going on field trips. Our first field trip will be to the Baltimore Zoo on Thursday June 25th, and then on Tuesday June 30th we will be going to Marley Moon Bounce.

Water day for our Clownfish will be every Tuesday. Please send your child with their bathing suit under their clothes, a towel, water shoes, and a change of clothes. The first water day will be on Tuesday June 23rd.

As friendly reminder, please make sure your child has/brings shoes appropriate for playing outside. We will also continue doing show and tell on Fridays. We are looking forward to a very fun and safe summer!

Ms. Crystal and Ms. Tiffanie

Fours/Fives - Sharks

We have bounced our way through the school year, and we plan on rolling our way into June with our area of study keeping us focused on" Balls". This month we will be exploring with scientific thinking by experimenting with things like size, weight, texture and density. We will also be reviewing critical thinking skills, problem solving and beginning letter sounds.

We will be moving into our summer program on June 22nd . Our theme for the Summer will be "A Passport to Fun". We hope to create a fun keepsake filled with summertime memories. Just as a real passport documents your travels, we hope to capture the children's experiences with photos and journal entries. Along with all our fun activities, we will be setting aside time to review our academic skills.

Save the Dates:

On June 4th at 4pm We will be honoring our Kindergarten bound classmates with a Graduation ceremony. All children in the class will participate those not moving along to kindergarten will be given a Star award as a certificate of acknowledgment for there achievements this year.

On June 22nd our summer program officially begins. With our summer program comes a lot of special events. A calendar will be sent home to help keep you up to date on things like field trips, water play and items needed from home. We will also do our best to post notifications in the doorway to keep you informed of what is coming. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to share them with us. We hope to be as helpful as possible.

Those of you leaving us this summer, it has been our pleasure getting to know you and your child. We wish you well and please feel free to stop by and visit.

Ms. Alicia, Ms. Liz & Ms. Alanna

School Age - Homework Center

We are very excited to welcome summer with our families! We have lots of fun activities in store!

With the school year wrapping up, we remain focused on completing homework on time and making sure it is accurate. We are also spending as much time outdoors as possible, once homework is complete.

For our summer campers, our first summer field trip will be at Lake Waterford Park, followed by many others! We will be practicing our addresses and doing an awesome fingerprinting activity. We will also be painting pictures of our favorite summer vacation spots!

As the school year comes to an end, we will be making a "wishing box" for our classroom. All of the children will get to write down one thing that they want to do in our class before summer starts and put it in the box. Everyday, we will pull one or two pieces of paper out of the box and complete the tasks written on the paper.

By now those families staying for summer should have received a purple folder with summer calendars and permission slips. Please complete the necessary paperwork and return to us as soon as possible. Remember to keep your yellow calendar handy so you can see all of our field trips and activities.

Wishing you a safe and happy summer,

Ms. Rachel, Ms. Ashley, Ms Alexis, Ms. Alanna