Sabrina Duree



Some people call me blue but I'm Pure Gold Retriever.

Some that are Pure Gold Retriever are:

  • Loyal, Dependable, Prepared, Thorough, Sensible, Faithful, Stable, Caring and Concrete.

Some natural weaknesses that Pure Gold Retriever people have are:

  • Indecisive, Over-accommodating, Slow to Initiate, Avoids Conflicts, Tends to Hold Grudges, and Fears Change

1. I define my self

  • I am self-sufficient, goal-oriented, and I draw to respected occupations
  • I need to be useful, I prepare for the future, I prefer order and cleanliness, and desire structure.
  • I like to safeguard tradition, like to he included in groups, make and keep commitments, and I measure worth by completion.

2. In my child hood:

  • I wanted to follow the rules in school.
  • I understood and respected authority.
  • I was the easiest of all types to adapt to the education system.

3. In relationships I am:

  • serious and tend to have a traditional in love and marriage.
  • enjoyable to others who can work along with me.
  • demonstrated admiration through the practical things I do for the ones I love.

3. At work I am:

  • stable, responsible, and can maintain organization.
  • able to handle detail and to work hard makes me the backbone of many organizations.
  • and I believe that work become before play

4. Leadership style:

  • I expect respect
  • assumes "right" way to do things

5. Symptions of a bad day

  • complain and self-pity
  • anxiety and worry
  • Psychosomatic problems

This is why I'm Pure Gold Retriever.


The fields that I might go in are

  • Agriculture
  • Architecture/Art
  • Health Services
  • Science
  • Human Services

After High School Plans

I plan to Finish my A+ to go to Maple Woods and get my Pre-recks.

Get a stable job and have a Driver's License.

Me Myself and I

I am CRAZY and fun. I don't real y care for what goes on with others but if I'm involved I will help with what needs help with. I try to stay out of others business because I am really empathetic.

I'm an Otaku or (in Japan) a young person who is obsessed with computers or particular aspects of popular culture to the detriment of their social skills. I just don't dress the part.

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