Wood to Pencils

By: Ernie Jones


Pencils is the topic I am going to tell you about today. I am going to talk about the origin and the process and interesting facts about pencils. Enjoy!

Where do pencils come from?

It comes from wood; it also comes from wood from the forest, and the factory.

How are pencils made?

First the wood get cut to a pencils shape. Next they put led in it. Then a machine put erasers on the pencils. Last they dipped the pencils into paint.

Interesting Facts

The inside of a pencil is made from graphite. The pencils in the factory are 4.2 inches long.

Pencils have a hexagon shape to stop the pencils from rolling on desks.


I chose this topic because I like plastic lead pencils and it is so fun to use them. Some plastic lead pencils has bright colors. This is why I chose this topic.
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