Monday eLearning Missive

February 17, 2014

Chrome Series

As a result of the recent Google Summit, I've been filled with tons of Google related tips, tricks, and quips. I'm going to be sharing 2 weekly in the Tips & Tricks section of this newsletter. Many of these will be related to the Chrome browser. If I've been in to see you in the last 2 years, you know that I recommend that you use Chrome as well. I hope that these tips will show you why the Chrome browser is superior to Internet Explorer or Firefox. If you're not sure why or want help, feel free to schedule a session with me. You can do so by shooting me an email or clicking HERE.

Schedule Feb 17-21

Monday: AIS Diamond

Tuesday: Harrison AM, AIS First PM

Wednesday: AIS First

Thursday: NTI

Friday:AIS Diamond AM, Coaches meeting PM

Tips, Tricks, and Quips

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