meal planning

Keldrick Wilson

Food Safety

  • Keep everything clean
  • Don't cross contaminate
  • Cook foods at the appropriate temp.

Food Sanitation

  • Don't thaw foods at room temperature.

  • Thaw frozen foods under refrigeration or under cold water
  • Provide functional thermometers to all food storage boxes.


  • Prepare Meals in Advance
  • Have a Plan When Eating Out
  • Go over the recipe

work plan

  • Take your time
  • plan ahead
  • know your limts


  • working together
  • be honest about mistakes
  • clarify roles


doing things at one time to conserve time. like washing dishes and putting cookies in the oven


  • follow the steps
  • make sure you keep in a safe place
  • try new and different recipes


  • time
  • planing
  • preparing