South Carolina


First European countries that settled in SC:

Spanish Explorers, In 1521, Francisco Gordillo sailed to the Carolina coast from his base in Santo Domingo; no settlement was attempted, but several dozen Native Americans were enslaved.

Specific location and Impact.

On the coast, and the impact was that it became a shipping colony, because it was on the coast.

Colony, Religion, Colonial Government, And Trades.

Trade colony. Jews, Quakers, Baptists,methodists (in 18th century), Catholic was prohibited to practice their religion until the american revolution. There was a single government of the Carolinas based in Charleston until 1712, when a separate government was set up for North Carolina. They traded slaves in Charleston.


The center of trading slaves.

Society and Culture

Very catholic, They liked the slave trade, Made church based laws.

Relationships with natives:

  • They had the Cherokee Wars
  • By mid-1700, virtually all of the smaller Indian tribes throughout South Carolina disappeared, probably merging with larger groups, such as the Catawba and Cherokee of South Carolina or the Creeks of Georgia.

Major Events:

  • Hurricane struck Charleston, 98 killed
  • French, Spanish attacked Charles Town during Queen Anne's War; colonial forces captured French vessel and crew
  • Hurricane struck; heavy flooding, 70 killed
  • ...And many more!

Important People:

  • King Charles II

Why live in South Carolina?

Why not? it's close to the ocean, and many jobs available!