Weekly Geekly

February 26, 2019

Blazer Buttons of the Week- the 5C Badges

These 5 buttons can only be earned by teachers who have completed 5C Badges through the FISD 5C Badge program. These are here because we want to reward people who have gone the extra mile to do this level of work!

The 5C Badge program is the program that will reward you with a Chromebook for doing a four lessons, each focused on the use of technology to enhance communication, collaboration, critical thinking, or creativity. All four of these lessons will have a piece of digital citizenship included.

The first step in earning these badges is to meet with me to start a plan. I will set you up with a copy of this document where you can do your planning for the lesson.

Once the planning is done, I will enroll you in the Moodle course where you will submit your plan. A committee reviews your plan and approves it. This must be done prior to you starting the lesson.

Next, you do the lesson in your class. Collect student artifacts/evidence of the communication, collaboration, critical thinking or creativity being done with technology. You will submit your evidence on the Moodle site and complete a reflection.

If you would like to meet with me to get started, please let me know what day and time is best for you!

Big picture

Alex Gallagher was the FIRST to earn some Blazer Buttons!

Are You Missing REMIND Messages?

Try setting up your Remind messages to go to your email too! Simply visit your account settings and add an email to your account.

If you are on a computer, click on your name in the top left of the screen, then click on account and choose Communication. You should see a spot to add your email address (or check a box allowing you to see communication there).

If you are on your phone, click the three dots on the top right, choose Account, then click the gear in the top right of the screen.

*This message brought to you by our very own School Organization Committee!!!

The Big MOVE to Canvas- If you Use Moodle, please Read

By the end of March, I need every class in Moodle to say either KEEP, DELETE, or MOVED at the end of the name. I am working through our Moodle and labeling all the courses as best I can.

The Word KEEP will tell me that I need to back up your course into Canvas. If you want to start completely fresh next year, just type DELETE and I won't bring it over. If it says MOVED, I have already moved it to Canvas. If I have moved it and you weren't ready for me to do so please let me know.

If you want me to bring it over sooner rather than later and you want to go ahead and move to Canvas, you are welcome to do so. Just contact me to get set up!

Chromebook Settings Changing Temporarily

We are going to be adjusting the Chromebook settings during the testing this spring to sleep when the lids are shut instead of logout the users. This is because we don’t want to kids losing their work if they have to close their lids and use the bathroom. After testing we’ll change it back.

This means it is more important to be certain students are logging out of Chromebooks before putting them away.

Chromebook won't turn on?

If you have a Chromebook that won't turn on, try this: Press and hold the power button for a solid 30 seconds. The release and press the power button again.

We think this is being cause by students not logging out/shutting down chromebooks when they are done.