Family Promise


Family Promise is a charity that’s goal is to end homelessness for families all around the world. The amount of volunteers is amazingly high, and they are always there ready to donate and help the cause as much as they can. Family Promise was first an idea when the founder came upon a homeless lady, and listened to what the lady had to say. With the hundred thousand volunteers making an impact in families lives and their community. From that impact more than 76% of families found housing in less than nine weeks.


"Our mission is to help homeless and low-income families achieve sustainable independence through a community-based response."

Question #1: What is the issue/cause that your charity supports?

The charity Family Promise supports is Homelessness. Homelessness can be a traumatic experience because you don’t have a roof over your head, money, or food. According to the book “Homelessness Issues That Concern You” authored by Gale Group, on page 7, it states, “ The first night of being homeless is painful/hard.” This shows that the first night you are homeless, you usually don’t know where to go or what to do. So it can be even more hard if you have children. If you don´t know what homelessness is, itś when he or she lacks a regular night time routine.

Charities like Family Promise rescue homeless families from the streets and provide them with a shelter and their needs such as food, clothes, and e.t.c. ¨Combine with other people to provide a safe overnight shelter with food and families in crisis.¨ (www.charitynavigator.org) Family Promise provides families in need with basic supplies that they need. They´ve been helping families since 1986. They are one of the most reliable charities for homeless families in the U.S.

Question #2: How did the organization begin and grow into what it is now?

The founder of the charity Family Promise, Karen Olson, was in a hurry to a business meeting in New York that she had to attend, and passed a homeless woman. Karen decided to buy the woman a sandwich and offer it to the lady. Of course the lady accepted the sandwich with much thanks, but asked for something that she really wanted more than anything- to be heard. From that one conversation with the homeless lady, Karen Olson and her two sons started to bring sandwiches to all homeless people they saw in the streets of New York. This later turned from good deeds to forming a group who wanted to help their homeless neighbors.

On October 27, 1986 Family Promise has its first network which grew tremendously. Until, on 1988 the network goes national for most people to see, donate, and connect with. At this time it wasn’t officially “Family Promise” yet, but it made it’s way to the top and began to be noticed officially in 2003, as Family Promise to all. After becoming official, they began to help more and more homeless families get on the path to self-sufficiency.

Question #3: What does your chosen charity do for the community?

Family Promise mobilize more than 170,000 dedicated volunteers that make a positive impact in families lives and their communities. “It helps people get off the streets” (www.familypromise.com) So getting people off the streets would be better for them and other people. They’ve helped more than 650,000 family members in the community. Family Promise is trying to address a major problem in a effective way.

By getting people off the streets, can help their health and the community. According to (www.familypromise.com) “We mobilize more than 170,000 dedicated volunteers that make a positive impact in families lives and their communities.” They’ve have been helping people since 1986 and helped hundreds of families in the US. They use existing resources to address the challenge of family homelessness for the community. They help families in different ways. Family Promise gives families without a home, a roof over their head, food, clothes, etc. To help them and their family get better.

Question #4: How effective is this charity in accomplishing it's goals?

Along with their growing popularity, Family Promise has helped more than 76% of families find permanent or promising housing in less than nine weeks. This has all happened with the help of their intensive case management and community support, which impacted them a lot. Having all these families to help isn’t always the easiest task to take on without some internet and outside sources to take feedback from. Volunteers,who are influenced by Family Promise’s work, have created programs for housing, homelessness prevention, health care, life skills, and mentoring, for others who can’t afford help, to take advice from and build off what they learn from the programs.

Like any other charity, Family Promise is dedicated to making a difference, but in order to do so they have to take care of their finances. When all expenses are broken down into a pi chart, 85% goes to their programs, 8% fundraising, and 7% administrative. Its very pleasing to see that a majority of their concentration is on their program, which is always improving and growing (85%).


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