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Eczema - What You Can Do Yourself

Careful skin care, i.e. giving it to the upper strata of sufficient quantities of oil and water, is a basic protective measure, prevents the development of eczema. Therefore, it makes sense again summarized below what you can do yourself to prevent eczema.

These guidelines should help you to design more effective treatments existing eczema. Of running too frequent contact with water and detergents and cleaning products, reduce the frequency and duration of the shower or bath. When working with corrosive substances or moisture, wear gloves or protective clothing.

Before and during the work, exert pressure on the skin, use drugs, reducing the fat layer of the skin. Try as much as possible not to use or not to use substances and foods that cause allergies. Make sure that what situations, circumstances or habits lead to an exacerbation of eczema, and think about whether you can avoid them (for example, preventing or coping with relaxation exercises).

In sunny allergies avoid prolonged sun exposure and use sufficiently light-protective agents. In congestive eczema follow the advice of your doctor for treatment of the underlying venous insufficiency.

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