Mission: Progressing Together

Follow-up: May 10, 2022

Mission: Progressing Together Meeting
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Anthology Winners Presentation

May 4, 2022
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Questions and Answers Section


  • Thank you, thank you very much for organizing meetings such as these so instructive. Thank you to all the staff who are willing to share their teaching and education with us. I personally thank you all.

  • A district parent volunteer recommended for parents to become parent volunteers and be more involved in their children education, to have a more successful students.


  • How is the district assisting students with their mental health after COVID?
    The district is focusing on their mental health more than anything. We have the counselor available to assist our students with any situation they might have besides academics. The district hired an additional counselor at SEHS to assist our students with any mental health situation they might be going through. The district’s main priority is for all students to be well with their mental health, academics will come second. First, we need to make sure our students are mentally healthy to be able to be the great students they are.

  • Is the high school offering military college information to students? I as a parent have not received any information.
    Yes, Principal Mrs. Marioni informed students of the opportunities our students have regarding military college. This week they have been focusing on providing college information to students including for military college information. As of now, SEHS has three students who have enlisted to the service.