Andrew Jackson: Zero

By Mason Allen

Reason 1. Trail of Tears

Andrew Jackson was probably one of the worst presidents of all time. He did so many bad things in his 2 terms. The most terrible of all was the Indian removal act. This was a bill he passed (Against the supreme courts ruling.) which says he removed all Indians in Georgia. The Americans wanted this land for agriculture and gold. So he forced the military to kick out the Natives and make them walk to Oklahoma.

Reason 2. Killing the National Bank

President Jackson hated the National Bank. He hated it with a passion. That was the one thing he wanted to destroy ever since he ran for president. As soon as he got the chance he ended it.

Andrew Jackson Pictures

Reason 3. Spoil System

Andrew Jackson used the spoil system to secure his presidency. Its pretty much like cheating in an election. What he does is he gets a lot of people who agree with him then promises then jobs if they support him to gain presidency. Whether they are qualified or not, as long as he is president, they got there jobs.