Gandhi and His Life

By.Trinity Bollinger

Gandhi was a man who was none as the father of India, because he played a huge role, in gaining India's independence. Gandhi's early life was very interesting, he had lot's of cool stuff going on his. Also at the end of his life, it was cool, but kind of scary, because he died close to my birthday.

Gandhi's early life

Gandhi was born October ,2,1869 at Gudarat, Putlibai, India. His full name is Mohandas Karamchand. When Gandhi was 13 he got married to 14 year old Kasturbai. To me Gandhi was kind of mean to Kasturbai, because he wouldn't let her go out and play with her friends. Gandhi grew up with Hindu parents so he learned not to be violent with human beings.

Gandhi and Great Britain

Gandhi influenced people, to help him, in nonviolence protest against Britain. He led India to independence and motivated movements for the right of the people. He also led freedom across the world. After World War 2 Britain gave up control and India gained independence.

The end of his life

Gandhi died January,30,1948. He was only 79 years old. Gandhi was assassinated by Nathuram Godes, but I do not know why he killed Gandhi. His wife Kasturbai, died January 1944, at the age of 74, due to two heart attacks.
In conclusion, Gandhi showed lots of people how to work together peacefully in nonviolent ways. Gandhi did really cool things He was a wonderful man who did beautiful things.
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This is Gandhi telling you about what he offers you.