fault in our Stars by John Green

micah miller block 2


Hazel - protagonist

Augustus - protagonist

Cancer - antagonist


Thats the thing about pain........it demands to be felt.

There is one book that Hazel reads over and over again. It is called An Imperial Affliction.

As she reads the book again, she always stops and stares at a specific group of words, and that is ''pain demands to be felt''.


Past - Hazel tells Augustus about how when she was diagnosed with stage 4 Thyroid cancer with metastasis forming in her lungs at the age of 13

Present - Hazel is not outgoing. It is like she is trapped in a tower waiting for someone to come rescue her. But when Augustus steps into her life, she is a completely different person.

Future - Hazel knows she will die someday, but she is worried that when she does her parents will have nothing to do and just be misurable. And she does not want that to happen.



Okay symbolizes their love for each other.

Okay is their always.

And they will always love each other.

Book Recommendation

I recommend this book to others because it takes your heart away. It is very breath taking and is very unique in its own ways. I instantly fell in love with it as soon as i read the first page. You feel like you are starting to mature when you read it, because it is not for little kids. The book is sad at times and happy at times. See, so it does not stay at the same boring pace. It takes you to different places.
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