Who's To Blame?

Rome and Juliet

Romeo And Juliet Who's To Blame

The feud is to blame for Romeo and Juliet's unfortunate death. If there was no feud, Romeo and Juliet may still be alive. The people fighting in the feud, the Capulet’s and the Montague’s, don’t even know what they are fighting about. As the play begins we learn ‘from ancient grudge break to new manity” which shows us that chaos is about to begin (prologue). No one knows why this ancient feud began, but since it’s there, the Capulets and Montagues grow up hating one another. When Tybalt tried to fight Romeo, just because he is a Montague, but instead started fighting Mercutio and killed him. Romeo then acted on his first impulse and fought Tybalt and killed him, and got himself banished from Verona. When Tybalt realized there was a Capulet at a Montague party Tybalt said i'm going “ to strike him dead i hold it not a sin”. Just Because Romeo was at a Capulet at a Montague party Tybalt became angry because a Capulet entered the mainland of the Montagues. Clearly the disagreement between both of the family's have had a big play in Romeo and Juliets death.

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The little Mermaid

Areils father does not want her to be with prince Eric, just as Juliet's father does not want her to be with Romeo. Both fathers don't want them to be with there loves, because of family feuds. Areil and Juliet are the same in many ways but the most common is they both went against there fathers wishes to be with there lover and in return caused a family feud. Juliet fell in love with Romeo the first time she saw him,same as Areil she fell in love with prince Eric after she saved him from the bout wreak. Both Juliet's and Areils fathers did not want want them to be with the one they longed for because it went against what they believed in and there wishes for there child. Ariel acted out of anger and went to Ursula the wicked witch of the see for help. Ursula made her human and had to get prince Eric to kiss her in three days and in the end everything fell into place and they were together. Juliet married Romeo with her parents knowing. She then killed her self because she wanted to be with romeo who was banished from Veronica for killing a man, so she faked her death. Romeo found her dead and didn't not know it was fake and for a little while, he then took a poison and killed him self. Awhile after that Juliet woke up and found Romeo dead and stabbed her self in the chest.

Running Bear (atrist Johnny Preston)

On the banks of the river
Stood Running Bear, young Indian brave
On the other side of the river
Stood his lovely Indian maid

Little White Dove was her name
Such a lovely sight to see
But their tribes fought with each other
So their love could never be

Running Bear loved little White Dove
With a love as big as the sky
Running Bear loved little White Dove
With a love that couldn't die

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Explanation for song

Running bear in a song about two star-cross lovers whose family's forbid them from being together because of a long feud between the two. This is song is pretty similar to Romeo and Juliet. Romeo and Juliet were also star-cross lovers whose family forbid them from being together because of the feud between the two.