Miss Stiger's Class News

November Edition

Chemistry Unit of Study

This week we started our first unit in our Chemistry unit. We started the unit by studying matter, and will continue to explore the ideas of molecules and matter. We will conduct short demonstrations each day to help us explore key ideas and concepts. We would like our first chemistry unit to finish before Thanksgiving break, which means ideally we would like to plan four our first unit assessment on the Tuesday before break.

Rates, Ratios, and Proportions


Collectively the sixth grade has decided to do a service learning project where they can contribute to their community as well as other communities. Originally we had discussed adopting a soldier to send care packages to, but with the recent event in Washington we have decided to first focus on their effort to rebuild.

We have decided that starting November 19- November 26 we are going to have a penny war to help raise money we can donate to those who lost everything. You may ask what a penny was is. Well, here are the rules:

  • Each sixth grade class will have a collection jar
  • For every penny donated the corresponding class will receive a point
  • For every coinage or dollar donated other than a penny will result in negative points for other classes
Ex: If I put 100 pennies in our class jar we would receive 100 points, and if I choose to donate a dollar then the dollar would go to either one of the other 6th grade classes and would result in them losing 100 points.

Please do not feel obligated to donate, but any little bit will help make a difference to those who have lost everything.

After Thanksgiving break we will begin with any soldier project. Our class has taken on providing items for an Army officer from Illinois. You can go to http://anysoldier.com/index.cfm to learn more about the project.

Thank you for your continued support!

Miss Stiger

Please feel free to contact me!