Gator Weekly

With great power comes great responsibility....

The week ahead.....which is Week 23!

Look fors this week.................PDAS continues!

Monday, February 15

504 mtg @ 8:40

Tuesday, February 16

Math Planning and 3rd visiting 2nd

Wednesday, February 17

Book study @ 3:00

Thursday, February 18

Elementary Principals' Mtg @ 8:30

Friday, February 19

Elementary Principals' Mtg @ 8:30

Willkie Band @ 1:45 for 5th grade

Coming up.........

February 25 Party limo @ 10:45

February 26 Early dismissal & TELPAS calibrations

It's been another great week in the land of the Gators!

Thanks to each of you who provided writing samples for my training.

Thanks to those of you who are ready for learning at 7:35 each morning.

Exciting things I saw this week - writing being modeled for students in the teacher's words, lots of excellent PLC work, some very creatively decorated valentine boxes Woohoo!

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Things to do....

Share your district PLC information with all of your team members.

Sign electronic copy of your PDAS after you have viewed it.

Review ICLE baseline review and use page 6 to vary your instructional strategies!!

Use the rigor and relevance rubrics for lesson planning.

Don't forget your Fundamental Five strategies.

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Weekly academic vocabulary words


Record; name


Name; identify

Weekly positive character trait


easy to like

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Teachers go into professional development and they complain. This is boring! There’s nothing here I can use! I don’t have time to learn anything new! But these same teachers who have such high demands of those who teach them — go into the classroom and deliver a lesson that could bore the ticks off a hound dog. No pizzaz! No joy! No intrigue! WE CAN DO BETTER.

Essential Questions: Would You Want to Be a Student in Your Own Classroom?

  • How do we consider what learning looks like to the students?
  • What is an important question principals should ask themselves?
  • What is the pathway to create better schools?
  • How do we need to get past a growth mindset?
  • How can schools create a culture of innovation and not just have a few teachers who are on fire for learning?

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What I'm reading......

The Innovator's Mindset by George Couros

Campus Instructional Focus

After analysis of our campus data, our instructional focus will be to improve our students’ ability to clearly communicate their thinking through writing across all content areas.

We carry the torch for EMSISD!


The mission of Eagle Mountain Saginaw ISD and Greenfield Elementary is to foster a culture of excellence that instill a passion for a lifetime of continuous achievement in every student.


The vision of Greenfield Elementary is to create a physically and emotionally safe environment where every student can engage in challenging, integrated, and collaborative learning in order to become respectful, resourceful and responsible citizens in an ever-changing, diverse world.


Striving for the best, we rise above the rest.

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