S.O.S by Sascha McDavitt

Water comes from the water cycle. The water cycle starts in the ocean and evaporates and the water drops form a cloud and it shrinks which makes it rain and falls into a dam and drift back to the ocean which is called precipitation and keep going around and around over again. With out water we would not be able to survive and if we don’t waste water you can survive longer. If we continue to waste water there will be nothing left

How Are We Wasting It

We waste by doing me jobs that use mostly every day by using the washing machine, sprinklers using sprinklers can use up to 1000 liters every time. Also by using broken sprinklers and most of showers even though it feels so nice to have a shower that nice warm feeling well sorry you have to stop.

What Would Happen

Without water we die of first. Water is the main thing we need for surviving. We would die with an unquenched throught. Were lucky we still have it if you continue wasting water there won’t be any and that won’t we good and the planet would be dry.

How Can You Help

To help u can tell your friends how to save water tell them to tell their family tell your family how to save water put up posters even make your own website it’s worth it make it stop.

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