stomp out racism- by dah s swizzles


The civil rights movement contributed to making the United States a more equal and just society on a huge degree. it gave African American men the right to vote and made Jim crow laws forbidden. it exposed the problem of segregation a discrimination. it also showed that ignorance was no longer going to be tolerated.

civil rights however, are still being broken today, so there is still a lot of work. the movement helped us open our eyes. now its up to us to see, to change what we see, and to make sure that nothing like this happens again.

tactics and strategies

during the civil rights movement, the African american population was a minority, and still is. this made it hard to change a society and the thoughts within it. this also made it hard to fight back. violence would just stIr up more hatred between the people. so in order to combat this they decided to use non-violent and peaceful protests, such as civil disobedience.

there would be sit ins. sit ins are when the protesters would walk into a white establishment and wait until they get service or their point bis heard. there would also be boycotts. boycotts where a means of protest in which the protesters would refrain from a certain service or good in order to make their point.

such as when public transportation was boycotted by African american protesters because of the unfair double standards held. the boycott cost the company money and showed that African Americans were serious. by not engaging in violence they shed light on the fact that racism was the threat rather then they themselves.

top five events of the civil rights movement

1.) Civil rights act passed July 1964-

This takes first because it marks meeting of the goal.

2.) Little rock nine. 1957

This is second because it is the breaking down of borders.

3.) Rosa parks. December 1 1955

This I a huge part of the effort to fight the segregation.

4.) 14th amendment passed 1868

This is where everything started with the beginning of equality.

5.) King assassinated April 4 1968

This one takes 5th because it is a somber moment. But a huge part of history.