Overview of Holocaust

January 30, 1933; the day that ruined millions of lives and lead to the end of 11 million of them. IN the early 1930s, many jewish people had resided in germany for generations and jews felt a strong loyalty and kinship for their german heritage.

Defininition/Background Info

In extermination camps they take people into the woods while driving them in vans and they trap them in the back leading the exhaust fumes in there so they suffocate.

Original Research Question

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"Because life, no matter what it is like, must be lived, and because to live is not merely to survive; it is to laugh, to think, to write." - Jean-Francois Steiner, Treblinka


  • Authors: Grandparents) Were Expelled From The, 1935 Chart From Nazi Germany Used To Explain The Nuremberg, Laws, Which Employed A Pseudo-Scientific Basis For Racial, Identification.