World History Up To Date

By: Quinn McCormack

Past and Current Events Of The World

This is a informative document showing events that have happened around the world and in the United States. These events happened from the early 2000's all the way up to date. These events are not only important to our time but also some events will be remembered throughout the future.
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Concorde Crashes In France killing 113

This airplane was flying from JFK to Paris France, and when it crashed it killed all the passengers plus several people on the ground. This catastrophe took place in 2000 which was not involved with the terrorist attacks on 9/11. This unfortunate crash killed 109 people and why this wasn't as controversial was because the people on the plane were from many different nationalities. This was not a act of terrorism just a failure within the airplanes engine. As a result of this terrible event there is a monument called the Gonesse Monument.

September 11, 2001

This terror attack occurred because of a hate group called Al-Qaeda. This was in the name of their religious beliefs and killed around 3000 people in the United States. As a result many other smaller terrorist groups rose up and started becoming bolder, causing more terrorist attacks to occur. Not only did attacks occur in New York City but at the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania which was unsuccessful for the terrorist group. There are many educational movies on 9/11 and videos which show how terrible this day was. The other aspect of 9/11 is Al-Qaeda's hate for Americans and use the Quran as their scapegoat to get revenge on us.
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The Invasion Of Iraq

In 2003, the United States under the presidency of George W. Bush among other countries decided to invade Iraq political leaders say this was to disarm terrorists of WMD( Weapons Of Mass Destruction), although many are skeptical and believe it was for other reasons. When this event first started around 148,000 troops were sent to Iraq to help fight the War on Terrorism. A lot of mystery is around why we stayed in Iraq so long which could be linked to growing our economic power. The Bush administration has been said to link Al-Qaeda to things they weren't doing so they could keep troops longer. When we do eventually leave it is because we are afraid of creating a bigger problem with terrorism.

Indian Ocean Earthquakes and Tsunamis

This 2004 catastrophe was a series of earthquakes and tsunamis that effected countries along the Indian Ocean. Around 230,000 people died and millions of homes were destroyed and loved ones could have lost communication with each other. Tons of countries were affected some big countries were Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. On top of this many people were killed that were travels from countries such as Sweden, Germany, and other parts of Europe. As a result the UN and other nations swooped in and from a humanitarian stand point did a great job bringing these countries back to their feet. A total of 14 billion dollars was given to the countries involved as aid to get their countries back to where they were. On a local impact economies were hurt badly but nationally most countries were barely impacted.
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Hurricane Katrina

A hurricane that got worldwide attention, and caused American's to wrap their arms around Louisiana. This event took place in 2005 and caused over a thousand people to loose their lives. In total it costed 100 billion dollars to recover from, and 80% of New Orleans was underwater at one point. This event caused a lot of heat because of the way George W. Bush handled Hurricane Katrina and caused more damage to his career. The hurricane itself was a category 5 hurricane, which means it was deadly. Even though Louisiana was hit the hardest some other states impacted were Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, among a few other southern states. Even though the government didn't respond as well as people expected, Louisiana is for the most part repaired from the hurricane.

Saddam Hussein Is Executed

His execution took place on December 30th 2006, for crimes against humanity. He was president of Iraq from 1979 to 2003, in this time he was found guilty of killing 148 Shi'ite Muslims. After his death it gave many peace and his body was returned to his family for burial purposes. In his life he was a hated man by many and of course loved by a minority, which was for the most part extremists. He was involved in the Iraqi war and tried to stop the UN forces from taking control of his country, until he realized he could do nothing about which lead him to flee. Also, he was a terrible person to his people in 1979 he ordered 40,000 people to be executed. This caused a lot of hate for him and when the UN invaded a majority of civilians were compliant.
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BP Gulf Oil Spill

On April 20th 2010 a terrible event killing countless animals and polluting the oceans water. A oil rig exploded causing oil to spread into the ocean, and as a result millions rescued animals being effected. BP made a public apology but it wasn't enough they had to pay billions upon billions because of this oil spill. This is also because around 200 million gallons of crude oil was spilled into the Gulf. If that doesn't paint a unpleasant picture than maybe knowing that 16,000 miles of coastline was affected. This looks bad for the company itself but also for man that we can't find a healthy was to obtain energy, that could sustain us like oil does.

Bombing On Paris

This terrorist attack by a new group called ISIS, made everyone scared and Paris was silent for weeks after. It happened on November 13, 2015 which caused world powers to be aware of ISIS. This was a poor move by the the terrorist group because now world powers are aware and trying to stop this group. More information on ISIS is that they are obviously an extreme rebel that has been said to control at least 4 countries at this point. This should be a warning to the UN that they should get rid of this group before it gets out of control. This group also started as a splinter off of Al-Qaeda, which also means that more groups like this rose up. Even if we can't stop terrorism permanently we should at least try to stop the big ones like ISIS.
Here's a good 3 min 9/11 Clip worth seeing!

Quiz Questions

1. What happened first the Concorde crash or 9/11?

2. What president was in control during the invasion of Iraq?

a. Obama c. George W. Bush

b. John F. Kennedy d. George H. W. Bush

3. Where did the Earthquakes and Tsunamis of 2004 take place?

4. True or False. BP oil got away with not paying for the oil spill in the Gulf.

5. Hurricane Katrina happened in which state?

a. Louisiana c. Texas

b. Kentucky d. Alabama

6. True or False. ISIS is a terrorist group that bombed Paris.

Quiz Answers

1. 9/11

2. George W. Bush

3. Along the Indian Ocean

4. False

5. Louisiana

6. True

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