BOY Lead Teacher PLC

Welcome back! It's going to be a FANTASTIC year!!!

Welcome Back Diags

School Contacts

Review your campus and district special education contacts.

Couple of things:

1. We are still down one APE

2. We recently lost an LSSP, so we are down an LSSP as well

3. Let me know if you think anything is incorrect

Sped District Org Chart

Review the org chart with the teachers at your table.

Use the following sentence stem to guide your discussion:

WOW, I had no idea that ___________________________.

Lead Teacher PLCs

  • Will provide hole-punched agendas to put in your binder
  • It is an expectation that information provided at PLCs will be shared with your campus sped team
  • Please coordinate with your assessment staff (diags, SLPs, LSSPs) when sharing information and invite when necessary (all assessment staff have a copy of our PLC schedule)
  • Communicate with your campus admin when meeting with your team (some like to be invited, others just like to be kept in the loop)

Six-Weeks Checklists

ARD Prep and Docs

ARD Prep & Docs

  • BDA ARD Checklist
  • ARD Timeline
  • Transition 14+
  • Transition Next Level
  • ARD Notes
  • Profile Sheet

Working Folders

Working Folders

With the teachers in your group

3. List 3 reasons why a gen. ed. teacher would want to keep a working folder.

2. List 2 reasons why a special ed. teacher would want to keep a working folder.

1. List 1 way the student would benefit from a working folder.


Multiple Perspectives

Using the perspective card that you picked up (A or P) go to the designated area of the room and discuss the importance of the service log using the following sentence stem:

It is important to me as a/n (A-administrator, P-parent) for teachers to document services on the service log because _______________________________.



  • Look at the sample AIPs in your binder

  • Discuss the following at your table:

    • What kind of information is on the AIP?

    • Why were certain skills chosen over others?

Progress Reports and Grading

Lack of Expected Progress