Wind Energy Engineer

Noah Smith's Individual Career Plan

What is a Wind Energy Engeineer?

A wind energy engineer is considered a "green job" meaning that the career focuses on productions that are environmentally conscious. A career in this field focuses on creating energy using power from the wind.

What to Know about Wind Energy Engineers


Educational Steps & Requirements:

-Apply for the S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

-Graduate high school

-Apply to a four-year university

-Graduate with a bachelor's degree in energy engineering or mechanical engineering

-Gain experience in my desired career


In 2014 wind energy engineers in the U.S. made an average income of $94,240. The income varies on position, experience and location.

Illinois Statistics (as of 2014)

-Total people employed as wind energy engineers: 7,640

-Bottom 25% earnings: $67, 191

-Average income: $87,890

-Top earner's income: 111,680


Wind energy engineers are responsible for all types of tasks within their career. These include:

-Designing wind farm layouts

-Creating schematics

-Analyze data in order to produce an optimal amount of energy

-Designing turbines

-Working on electrical systems

-Running tests on systems

-Creating budgets for projects

Wind Turbine Engineer Training

About Me

Currently I am a high school student. I am planning on attending Illinois State University and studying Renewable Energy in order to earn a Bachelor's of Science. My dream job is to work for Invenergy, a renewable energy company that focuses on wind power. I picked a career in wind energy because I find it profoundly interesting and important. Wind energy is a prominent source of energy in this area as well. Wind Energy is still a new technology and there will be many new aspects to the career as time passes. I will be a great fit for this career due to my high level of situational awareness and questioning attitude.

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