Dwight D Esienhower

6 Tips in Esienhower and how to fit in.

Tip #1

The first tip I would give you is to stay to the right of the hallway and stay to the right while going up and down the stairs in the 6 grade wing. If follow that one tip then you will not get yelled at by Mrs.Marinos

Tip #2

During lunch you can use your phones but you can not use the camera in school and if you do and the school catches you then they will take away your phone and nobody will be able to use their phones because it is a privilege.

Tip #3

You have a period that is called study and you have it before or after lunch. The period is great for to do homework or study for a test. You could also go to a teacher if you do not understand a lesson or help with homework. You could also go to the library to get a book to read. Study is not a period to just play games. If you get caught playing games then you will be given work.

Tip #4

My 4 tip is to buckle your seatbelt and not to say dirty words because there are cameras and microphones and they can track what you say and what you do on the bus.

Tip #5

My tip number 5 is about the lockers. You are allowed to go to your lockers right when you come to school to unpack your thing. Then you are allowed before your gym class and before your block 2 class to get your snack. You can also go during lunch to get your lunch and during study to get something for your last class. After that the last time you can got to your locker is at the end of the day. These are the times in the day that you could go to your locker

Tip #6

My tip number 6 is about the chromebooks. First is they are used for school work. They are not used to browse games or to watch videos. You also so take care of your computer because you will use the same one for 3 years! Also you have to use this computer for homework. You also have to charge it everyday because you use the computer a lot.

What does it take to fit in?

There are a couple of things you need to do to fit in. First is that you have to be nice with other kids. Also you should be your self and not try to act different or dress different. If you just act the way you are and you will have plenty of friends and you will fit in with others.

Fall sports

There are lots of sports that you could be on a team for. First is Boys and Girls Soccer. This is a cut team so there are tryouts. Second is Cross country. This is a non cut sports but not everybody goes to the meet. Third is Field hockey. This is a cut team and this is for girls.

Winter Sports

There are sports in the winter which is indoor. The sports are boys and girls basketball. This is a cut sports Second is Cheerleading which is also a cut sport. Last is Wrestling. This is a non cut team but not everyone wrestles.

Spring Sports

The sports in the Spring are boys baseball and girls softball. These are both cut teams. After that is track and field. This is a non cut team but you have to make a meet to travel with the team. These are the sports in the spring!