Modern Wellness Workshops!

Natural Solutions for Health and Well-Being!

Learn about doTERRA Aromatherapy and Holistic Reflexology! Earn free products!

Many new topics to choose from including Cooking with Oils | Managing Moods | Healthy -Children!

I provide everything including class invites!

Everyone who attends receives a gift! ( over 18 years )

Hostess receives a filled doTERRA keychain (8 oils) plus free product depending on number of guests!

Workshops run 90 minutes and can be held nights, week-ends, even mornings! 3-6 guests is ideal!

To schedule your October or November Workshop, please contact Holly at:

763.439.1090 | Email:

Cooking with Essential Oils Workshop!

In this workshop you learn:

-How to use oils

-How to cook with oils (recipes included)

-Taste samples of oil infused dishes

-Eating Right

Emotions and Essential Oils

In this workshop you learn:

-the science behind emotions and essential oils

-tools and habits for healthy body chemistry

-practical emotional wellness steps you can take NOW!

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