Buy Google Drive

With offers from $10 per TB

Google Drive Offers 24/7 Cloud Storage and Support

Storage Monthly Rates Include:


1TB $9.99

10TB $99.99

20TB $199.99

30TB $299.99

The office will be able to use any of the data plans as they wish with a singular Username and Password. When hooked up as cloud storage, Google Drive will automaticly update and save all informations stored. Even if you don't want to jump in and spend on insecurities, Google Drive offers an unlimited time trial of 15GB, because we want you to see that this is true quality assurence for your business. There are no hidden rates or fees, you only pay for what you use.

If your network driver hardware crashes or breaks, it will not lose your files, because Google Drive is an internet based system designed to be stored on the internet alone. However, if the internet goes out, you will lose access to your files. The bright side is that they will be there when the internet comes back on. Unfortunately, there is no insurance policy or hardware backup system for Google Drive, so don't rely on it coming back if something is deleted.

This will work great for Adobe CS6 web design since the drive stores data for your site in a local access format. This will make it easy to go back and forward on file storage.

A Comparison to Other Services.

One Drive:

$2/Month for 100GB and $4/Month for 200GB

It seems fair priced, except Google Drive offers $2/Month for 100GB and $10/Month for 1TB. If you do the math, One Drive is twice the amount of money for the range you would use in data terms.


Even though the payed options look the same through and through, the amount of trial data avalible is miniscule to a paoint that you are unable to test its capability. 2GB is not enough to try a data plan.


Box is rediculously overpriced with the starting data plan of $10/Month for 100GB. With Google Drive, you can gain ten times the amount of space, at the same price.


Copy has a similar problem to Box. At $10/Month for 250GB may be slightly better, but still overpriced in relation to Google Drive.