Genre: Pop Rock

The Fray's Start

The band was formed by two people who met at a school. They started writings songs together and snagged the eye of two former Slade band members. Soon they got gigs and entertained. It was a huge success.

These are who they became: Isaac Slade is the man for vocals and piano, Joe king for vocals and guitar, Ben Wysocki for drumming, and Dave Welsh with more.

Hit Songs

1. How To Save a Life (this song is really popular)

2. Over My Head

3.You Found Me

4.Never Say Never ( we all knew in the inside that Justin Bieber was a plagerizer.

Hit Albums

1. The Fray

2.Scars and Stories

3. How to Save a Life

4. Reasons EP

5. Live at the Electric Company

Album Covers

The Fray would like to thank:DC Pacheco For being the groups instructor


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