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Welcome Back to the 2021-2022 School Year for Groveport Madison High School

Welcome to the first edition of the Cruiser Chronicle for the 2021-2022 school year! The Cruiser Chronicle is the Groveport Madison High School Newsletter that we will be sending out as an administrative staff 5 times total during the 2021-2022 school year (Beginning of the school year, End of 1st Grading Period, End of 2nd Grading Period, End of 3rd Grading Period & End of the school year). This first edition will focus on items to help establish back to school routines and make families familiar with policies and procedures that will be implemented in our facility.

As an administrative team, we want to make sure via this newsletter that we are effectively communicating to our students, families and stakeholders in the Groveport Madison community. Our focus is to create, establish and foster a positive school culture that is enriched by the educators who serve our students and families. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read the Cruiser Chronicle.

It's Great To Be A Cruiser!!!

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Groveport Madison High School

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(phone) 614-836-4964 | (fax) 614-836-4998

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Groveport Madison Local Schools Updated Mask Policy for ALL K-12 Students Begins August 23, 2021

Statement Regarding Mask Mandate

The State of Ohio is reporting COVID-19 incidents at their highest rate since February 2021. In slightly more than a month, more than 13,000 Ohioans have contracted COVID. Hospitals are reaching capacity, and most concerning of all, the percentage of children getting COVID vastly surpasses what we saw over the past year.

Recognizing the increased risk that the COVID-19 Delta variant represents to children, particularly to those 12 and under who are too young to be vaccinated, Groveport Madison Schools is mandating all students and staff wear masks, if not only to protect themselves but to protect others around them. The District-wide (K-12) mask mandate will begin on Monday, August 23rd. We hope this mandate is temporary and will continue to work with medical experts to determine how long this mandate will be in place.

Masks must be worn at all times when indoors and when on a school bus. If an individual cannot wear a mask due to medical issues, a physician’s note explaining why they cannot wear it will exempt them from this mandate. At present, we are not mandating masks be worn outdoors.We know there will be some families and students who disagree with this position. The health and safety of our students and staff is our top priority, and for that, we will not apologize. We value all of our Cruisers and have to do what is best to keep them safe while the Delta variant is passing through Ohio.

Should you have questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with our Communications Office at 614-492-2520 or email us at


GMHS Administrative Team 2021-2022

GMHS Counseling Team 2021-2022

GMHS Principal & Counselor Information & Who To Contact


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PBIS= Positive Behavioral Intervention Supports "Take A Bow" Mrs. Barnhouse!!!

THANK YOU Mrs. Barnhouse for leading this initiative for GMHS. A lot of hours, hard work and commitment went into developing a universal handbook that will help everyone at GMHS now and in the future! Teachers have begun hanging up PBIS Posters throughout our facility to encourage positive student behavior and expectations. In addition, mini PBIS lessons have been created for all teachers to incorporate into their instruction during the school day. We are passionate about taking care of ALL needs of the adolescents we serve. This PBIS program will help us tremendously in this endeavor!
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Vice Principal Shannon Stromberg Leads 2 Successful Summer Committees for GMHS

Take a detailed look over the two new programs that GMHS teachers are learning to implement based on their research over the summer (voluntarily in terms of grading practices for the 2021-2022 school year). As professionals, we are always trying to find ways to improve our academic instruction and reflection. In addition, as educators we also are striving to motivate student learning and engagement. Examining our current grading practices and looking at what we can do better to serve our students in the future is always a priority. We thank the teachers on these committees that gave up valuable time during the summer to better our students and families for the 2021-2022 school year and beyond. We also thank our Vice Principal Mrs. Stromberg for building such a great rapport with our summer staff from day one and piloting these programs for all of GMHS.

Common Grading Practices Document

Summer Work Committees Google Slides Summary


Thank you Mr. Altman and Mr. Gamertsfelder for leading this initiative for our students, families and stakeholders in the community! Students and families obtained their school schedules, chromebook devices and got to take a tour of our facility. In addition, club advisors recruited students into their programs and local stakeholders hired many of our students for part time work. Coaches in our building also benefited with recruiting their programs and connecting with families in our community. GREAT JOB TO EVERYONE INVOLVED WHO VOLUNTEERED!!!

Special Shoutout to Mr. Cowan & Mrs. Stromberg

In our 1st week back at GMHS, we had a summer school graduate stop by to thank two individuals that really made an impact on him. He was able to earn his GMHS high school diploma by completing summer school coursework to obtain the credits needed to complete graduation requirements. The best part of this success story, is that he is now enlisted in the United States Army and will be serving our country in the near future! He wanted to thank Mr. Cowan & Mrs. Stromberg for their positive guidance and help along the way!


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Parent Progressbook Portals/Academic Progress Monitoring

Keeping up with your child’s assignments, grades and test results isn’t always easy, but using ProgressBook can make it easier than ever before! ProgressBook is a secure, online portal that tracks a student’s classroom assignments, grades, attendance, and assessment results, providing parents with a very good picture of their child’s overall academic performance.

We suggest you check student's progress weekly to help you stay informed. Our teachers update grades regularly, so if your student is missing multiple assignments and say that they are completed, ask to see the completed work. Directions for logging into Progressbook can be found here, or by watching the video below.

How to Create a New Account

If you have never created a ProgressBook account, you will need to do so. Please email your request for a registration key for each child to For each child be sure to include:

  • Child’s Name
  • Date of Birth
  • School Student is Currently Attending
Students get in ProgressBook



  • The Student and Family Resource Hub this link will automatically load in a tab on a GMHS student issued chromebook device for easy access

  • The GMHS Student Bill Of Rights Is Located In The Photo Image on the right

Create a Productive Learning Environment While At Home

  • Eliminate distractions. Watch this short video and spot all the items that might lead your student off task. Try the same activity in your own home.
  • Noise canceling headphone can be used to block out noise
  • Have good lighting
  • Make the space comfortable, but not too comfortable
  • Put supplies nearby
  • Keep the phone out of reach
  • Personalize the space with things that helps foster a ¨working environment¨

Tips to Remind Your Adolescents

  • Write down your daily ¨To do List¨ in a planner or journal, Keep a ¨Google Calendar¨ if that helps keep you organized
  • Check your gocruisers email EVERY DAY!
  • Bring your chromebook charged to school on a daily basis. Bring you charger in case you need to charge your device during the school day.
  • Close all those tabs! Limit them to what you are currently working on.
  • Advocate for yourself. Communicate with teachers and tell them what you need to be successful. EMAIL YOUR TEACHERS (Contact Information will be provided by our staff in every beginning of the year syllabus distributed to our students and families)
  • Participate once a day: give an answer, ask questions, post a comment, share a link, etc.
  • Avoid friends and turn off the social media, notifications and other distractions while you’re doing your work.
  • If you find yourself stuck, you could restart. Learn from your mistakes and try again.
  • When you are stuck, try adding the word yet. Instead of saying I don’t get this, try saying I don’t get this, yet. And then start wondering what might have to happen in order for you to understand something better. Repetitions equals reinforcement!

Contacting Teachers

It is a good idea to have your student send the email and include you on it. This encourages them to be responsible and take ownership of their own learning while still keeping you in the loop!

  • All teachers have an email address that looks like this [first name].[]

  • That means Mrs. Julia Barnhouse would have this address:


Your Online Portal For Completing Almost All School-Related Forms

Groveport Madison Schools has partnered with FinalForms, an online forms and data management service that is replacing nearly all paper forms needed by our schools and the school district.

FinalForms allows parents to complete and sign enrollment, back-to-school, field trips, and athletic participation forms for your child. The most exciting news is that FinalForms saves the information you submitted from season-to-season and year-to-year, meaning that you should almost never need to enter the same information twice! FinalForms also pre-populates information wherever possible for each of your students, saving you valued time.

Sign into your account now, at


To create a FinalForms Account:

1. Go to:
2. Locate the parent icon and click NEW ACCOUNT below.
3. Type your YOUR NAME, DATE OF BIRTH, and EMAIL. Next, click REGISTER.
4. Check your email for an ACCOUNT CONFIRMATION EMAIL from the FinalForms Mailman.

NOTE: You will receive an email within two minutes prompting you to confirm and complete your registration. If you do not receive an email, then check your spam folder. If you still can not locate the FinalForms email, then email informing our team of the issue.

5. Once received and opened, click CONFIRM YOUR ACCOUNT in the email text.
6. Create your new FinalForms password. Next, click CONFIRM ACCOUNT.
7. Click REGISTER STUDENT for your first child.

Download and Print Instructions


To sign into an existing FinalForms Account, simply:

1. Go to:
2. Select the appropriate icon for "Parent," "Student," or "Staff"
3. Type in the email address used when creating your account.
4. Type in the password used when creating your account.

Celebrate The Great


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  • Thank you to all those who volunteered for our "Welcome Back Night" last Tuesday!! There were so many smiles from students and families in the community. It took everyone to help make this event a success. Thank you all for your service to our families in this community!

  • Special shoutout to our GMHS PD building presenters last Thursday (8/12)! This building PD was 100% led by our GMHS teachers! You all did an outstanding job and as an administrative team we thank you for being leaders! We learned from you all that day and enjoyed it!

  • Rule 3 fun! Thank you to our Head Principal Paul Smathers for allocating some PD time last week to create a staff building activity such as "Rule 3". It was great to eat pizza, bowl and just laugh with you all! We are in this together! Therefore, we have to make time to build rapport with one another as much as we do our students. It is nice to have a building leader that also shares this mentality. Thank you all for coming and enjoying in the fun.

  • Finally, thank you for all of the Door Decorations. Our Groveport Madison High School Facebook Page has pictures of almost every door that has been completed thus far! AWESOME JOB!!!

We believe ALL Cruisers are valuable. We unconditionally meet all social, physical, emotional and academic needs. As a result, Cruisers will positively impact the world.