Does it Rain in the Rain Forest?

Come take the trip of your life

The Basics

The average precipitation in this biome is over 100 inches! But this rainfall makes the vegetation lush and green, year-round. So, there is plenty of beautiful things to look at all of the time, a large upside to always having to carry an umbrella. The average temperature is around a lovely 64 degrees, not to hot but not at all too cold. When planning to come to the rain forest make sure you bring plenty of mesh and bug spray, the mosquitos are "killers", but thats a usual with camping. The mammals dozing in the undergrowth are majestic, beautiful creatures, waiting for the night to come. The many tropical birds fill the air with their bright colors and happy calls.

Are You Ready?

Lets Go!

As we walk down the amazon river, we will see all of the diverse animal population. Then as we make it to the half way point, we can stop for a native meal within a small friendly village. After a blessing is given to us, we shall continue our journey until we reach the coast. This is where a helicopter will pick us up and bring us home. Now that you know the basics and have seen the plan, it's time to book your trip! Have fun with your adventures!