Teen fights to end AIDS stigma

By: Victoria Molina

Meet Paige Rawl

  • Participated in soccer , cheer leading , and choir
  • From Indianapolis , Indiana
  • Not much is known about her parents , her father died from HIV complications when Paige was three
  • At age 14 she became the youngest person to ever be certified through the American Red Cross as an HIV/AIDS educator


After telling her best friend that she has AIDS , Paige Rawl's life was turned upside down. She had to become home schooled after the whole school found out , being severely bullied by her peers and even her soccer coach . Paige was no longer known as Paige , her new nickname was PAIDS.

"If my book could save just one life then everything I've been through will all be worth it"

Speaking Out

  • Throughout high school she was a speaker for the I Need You to Listen, Hear, and Understand Me TOUR
  • Wants people to know that having HIV doesn't make anyone any less of a person , they are just like normal people
  • Counselor at Camp Kindle , a camp for teens affected by the disease
  • Not only is she fighting to end the HIV/AIDS stigma she is also a advocate against bullying , making the list of 5 female stigma warriors , selected as one of the 5 years , 5 heroes , being named a Riley Champion (someone who inspires communities and helps others)
  • Hopes to end the stereotypes people have about the disease

"Positive" memoir hit bookstores Aug. 2014

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