Titanic Survivor Shares Her Story!

By: Esmeralda Romo

Elsie Doling

Her name is Elsie Doling. Her home address is Spring Bank, Shirley Warren Southampton. She was born on a Monday October 3oth on 1893.Her age in 1912 was 18 years old. Her price ticket is E23 and she was 2nd class. Her travelling companions are Mrs. Ada Julia Elizabeth Doling and Mr. Henry Price Hodges and they died. Her life after the Titanic was having a husband and 4 kids. She died on a Friday 3rd March 1972. Some got saved by lifeboats and the others died by the freezing water and drowning.The ship that saved them was ship Carpathia. Her final destination was New York City.

The ship & Disaster and Rescue

She was 882 feet long, almost the length of four city blocks. With nine decks, as high as an eleven-story building.The titanic sank by hitting an iceberg. It was hit by the iceburg by midnight,