Added Note from Ms. Garcia

1B Classroom Conversation

Anastasiia's Departure

1B Families,

Thank you for all of the support you have all contributed to 1B since the beginning of the school year! As we prepare ourselves for the upcoming changes, we wanted to give you a heads up regarding the classroom conversation that will be taking place this coming Monday. We will be notifying our 1B friends about Anastasiia's departure so they are aware of what to expect once winter break is over. During this conversation, Anastasiia will let our friends know about her departure and we will briefly explain the added supports that will be joining us after break. We encourage you to have a start up conversation at home this weekend so our 1B friends will be able to share their thoughts during our classroom conversation. While we understand this may be a difficult discussion for some, we want to make sure we are taking the right steps in allowing our 1B friends to prepare for the given changes. We again thank you for your unconditional support and understanding. We wish Anastasiia all the best on her future endeavors.