Google Play vs. Apple App Store

The Battle of the App Stores

Google Play

Google Play is the new name for the Android Market where Android users would go to browse apps and such.

Google Play seems to focus on everything just the same. The prices for apps seem to be between the prices of $1.99 - $2.99. To me, those prices seem relatively high, wouldn't you say? The prices tend to go over $4.99 pretty often. Google Play is definitely easier to navigate and find what you're looking for.

Apple App Store

The Apple App Store is the app store for iOS devices.

Navigating amongst this app store was a pain. After clicking on the app store on the website I then had to find the small print at the bottom of the page that said browse app store in order to actually view a LONG LIST of the categories of apps without any pictures. In order to see information about the app, pictures, and reviews you will need to find the app you want and click on it's name. It takes too long to browse the app store. I don't know what the most common price range is because I do not want to waste my time going through at least 10 paid apps but, from what I've purchased, I would say that the most common price range is probably $0.99 - $1.99. Here is a picture of the listing situation. Also, if you have iTunes you can view all of the apps like in Google Play.

Some Google Play, "Android" Apps

Some Apple, "iOS" Apps


Overall, I believe that Google Play, the Android Market, is the more reliable choice when choosing which operating system to roll with because the mobile and online app stores work very well and are very simple to use. You will not get a headache from browsing through this app store :P rather than that Apple App Store.. :/

Guaranteed to be relaxing and fun!! :)