Courtney Lamphere

Six word story

How and why the world connects.

How does it connect to me?

Everything I wear and use has been manufactured all around the world and without the communication and connection between the countries the products couldn't be made. If there was no globalization I wouldn't have the clothes I'm wearing or the laptop I'm using and the world wouldn't be connected.

What is globalization?

Globalization is the communication throughout the world that allows products and businesses to be shared. Have you ever wondered how your shirts comes all the way from China? There are four factors the affect the globalization and how your shirt gets all the way to you. Culture, environment, technology, and economics are the factors and each have pros and cons in globalization.
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Pros and Cons of Globalization:

T-Shirt Business... How a T-shirt is made.


  • PRO: job opportunities brought to people who need them to live
  • CON: impoverished people make low wages and have long work hours


  • PRO: machines make the jobs easier
  • CON: take jobs from humans


  • PRO: genitally modified seed make it easier to grow the cotton plants
  • CON: smog factories make the environment dirty


  • PRO: gives people in impoverished countries a chance to work and make money
  • CON: corporations make all the profit while the workers just work

How does geography impact where how and why people live?

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For a BIC pen to get to the store shelves it goes through a long process to make the product. First the product gets it's tungsten from China, then goes to Brazil for the stainless steel products and next it goes to Russia for kerosene source. After those parts are assembled it goes to a BIC Factory in the US and is then distributed to Markets around the world.

Natural Resources in a BIC Pen:

  • Tungsten

You get tungsten from China that is then shipped to a manufacturing company that turns it into balls

  • Stainless Steel Tips

The iron in these tips is found in Chile, the chromium is found in South Africa and India, the carbon is in the atmosphere from the air

  • Plastic Tubes

The petroleum for the plastic is found under ground

Problems created by BIC Pens


Since there is such a high demand for these pens, factories all around the world have ran and caused pollution to the local area's air.


Companies have sold so many pens because of the high demand that they are making large profits off of the pens but only the companies keep the money made many workers who make the pen don't make a lot of money off their jobs. The country that is being polluted isn't having any economic positives as a result of the factory being in their area.


Different countries are making different parts of the pen and it creates jobs for many people around the world including those who need the small profits to live. But these people who need the money to survive work long, hard hours with a minimum pay. They are usually paid the countries minimum wage, which in some places is under a dollar an hour.


Technology is used to design the pens, advertise and sell online and machines help build the pens. Today we see so many advertisements everywhere that they all aren't positive and may have publicity for another company to make BIC look bad.



To solve the pollution the factories can recycle the materials used in the pens like plastic and metal so they don't have to produce as much and create pollution.

How does globalization relate to me?

Globalization relates to me because of where I live. I live in NH for many reasons with one being it's where I was born along with both my parents. They chose to stay in NH because we enjoy the seasons and different activities that we have in NH. In the summer we go to the beach and we can also visit the mountains or the lake, which in many states you can't do any of those. In the winter, we can ski. Living in NH influences my life in different ways. We have lots of snow in the long winter and hot summer vacation days. But without these weather changes I would have a chance to play the sports I love in the different seasons. In 15 years I see myself staying in NH because I like the change in seasons and the different activities I can do in them. My kids education will be much different than mine is now because technology is changing everyday. Factories will be much bigger than they are now, with machines doing almost all if not all the work and taking jobs from humans.