Temperate Forest

Jace Sparks, Jack Roehrig, Carey browne, Lizzie Beinlich

Native Plants

The temperate forest has many plants in it such as trees, wild flowers, ferns, shrubs, and moss that are all over.

Native Animals

The temperate forest has tons of animals roaming its grounds. Some of those animals are Birds, Bears, Deers, Squirral, Rabbits, Beavers, and Bald eagles.


The precipitation in the Temperate Forest is 30 to 60 inches or 75 to 150 cm every year.


In the summer the temp is 70 F. In winter it is blow freezing. The average is 50 F.

Terrian of Temperate forest

The ground is sometimes moist. Trees and naturally flat on the ground. The land both flat and has hills. Waterfalls, Rivers and lakes

Additional Infromation

Temperate forests are in eastern United States, Canada, Europe, China, Japan, and Russia. Its subdivided into 5 different zones.
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