Eating heathy food is good for you

For Both Children and Adults

Yummy Heathy Food

You can make great healthy food for yourself. You can cook up

a great bowl of 5 different vegies. Fruit is healthy for you but not too much. Nutritionists recommend two servings of fruit a day. Healthy snacks such as nuts, dried fruit and salad

sandwiches can replace mouth watering chocolate and other sweets. For breakfast eat cereals with lots of fibre and whole meal grains. Don't forget two litres of water a day. Dinner can be simple if you get takeout but that's not healthy for you, don't forget eat chicken in your meals. Red meats should be only eaten three to four days a week.

There my tips so throw all your junk food away or only have them for a treat like at party's.

That's my advice from Christina.