Rock and Roll

By: Hope Cruz and Becca Mathews

Inventor of Rock and Roll: Ahmet Ertegün

-He was born July 31, 1923 in Istanbul, Turkey

-He died December 14, 2006 living for a full 83 years

-He was a musician and producer

-He had a brother named Nusuhi Ertegun and a sister named Selma Gokel.

The beginning of Rock and Roll

Rock and Roll was one and still is most loved genres in history of music. It all began in the 1950s.

It was made by combining bunch of music together and it all started in (the untied states). It was developed into cultural phenomenon.

Pictures of 1950's Rock and Roll

Question and Answers

What did rock and roll factor in American society?

Rock and Roll was major roll in teens of that era. The music inspired teens and the American way of life. Teens became rebels and started getting into drugs. All the major roll models in rock and roll, that teens were drawn to, died of drug abuse and over dose setting a bad example.

How did this invention change American society?

The musical style of rock and roll influenced lifestyles, fashion, attitudes, and language. Rock and roll might have helped the cause of civil rights movement, because all interacial teens of America enjoyed listening to music. Many early rock and roll songs dealt with things involving cars, school, relationships and styles of clothing. Most rock and roll song lyrics connected to conflicts that most american listeners could relate to. This new music tried to break walls and bring the real emotions that people were feeling out into words

Why was this a turning point in American life?

This was a turning point because it brought together, white listeners into black music. The US, saw this as a breaking down the barriers of color and putting them togather to hormanize. Many observers saw rock and roll as a gateway for desegregation, in creating a new form of music that encouraged racial cooperation. Many people have argued that rock and roll was instrumental in the way both white and black teenagers identified themselves. This lead up to the thing called the civil rights movement