Longitude: 133 E Latitude: 13 N


-tropical rainforest there are seven war months of the year which

-tropical savannah are March- October

-tropical monsoon

-humid subtropical

-opresssive humidity

-plenty of rainfall

there are seven war months of the year which are March- October

The winter monsoon brings cooler air from November to February.

May is the warmest month, and January, the coolest.

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Population growth rate1.7% annual change ‎(2012)

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In the water there are more than 2000 kids of differnt fish. They have recently counted that the country count is at about 200 differnt kids of reptiles and 25000 differnt kids of insects. The smallest money and biggest fish found in the world are both found in the Philippines. Aso the coral reefs are very beautiful ideal for divers and snorkelling tourist. If you were to visit the country side, you would most likely see common animals such as chicken, dogs, and water buffalo.

Water Supply and Sanitation

Sanitation has long been regarded as a private responsibility, resulting in almost no connections to a sewerage system.58% of the groundwater is contaminated. only one third of the Philippine rivers system are considered suitable for public water supply.

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Drinking Water

Especially in urban areas, water quality does not meet the standards set by the national government. As a result, "waterborne diseases" remain a severe public health concern in the country. About 4,200 people die each year due to contaminated drinking water.