Jane Ball Staff Happenings

Week of May 2- May 6

We appriciate our Teachers and Staff

Teachers and staff thank you for all your dedication and hard work. Jane Ball students are very fortunate to have so many caring educators to guide them on their journey! Please enjoy your week!

Shout Outs

To Lori Micic, Pam Kouder for all they do and in recognition for Administrative Assistants day!

To Lori and all the staff who came out for Night with the Superintendent!

Don't forget to thank our Nurse Chrissy for all she does for us and our kids.

We love you Nurse Chrissy!

Nuts and Bolts

During this busy time of year, let me know if you are needing me to be visible at certain times and locations to help with student supervision. Also I realize we want to celebrate the year, however please make sure that we are still focusing on good quality instruction these last few weeks and keeping the students educationally motivated. This is a great time to try some project base learning, that inquiry math lesson or literature circle. Think outside the box. Feel free to run ideas by me.

Remember that Star testing starts Monday May 16 th and goes until May 27th.

Benchmarks are due on May 20th.

We are NOT doing Iread K-2 this year.


I have conferenced with most of the parents of students with pending retentions. I have been meeting with teams to check in. Unless I have already told you otherwise, FINAL determination is based on data from our last round of testing. Please make sure you email me asap after you have the necessary data and we can discuss the final decision.

Class Lists

We went over directions for class lists at the grade level chair meeting. Please let me know if you have questions on how to proceed. I will update ALL google docs sections based on current numbers. PLEASE remember sections numbers are still pending direction from central office, enrollment and retentions numbers. They could change.

What's Happening!


8:00 PTO Breakfast/Personal PD


8:00 Staff meeting in Library- End of Year information

9:00 Grade 4 Mapping with Mary

MSI Afterschool Science Club 3:30-4:30 Media Center


8:00 Climate


8:00 Staff Meeting library-Technology


8:00 Team Meetings

PTO Luncheon

Teacher Evaluation Reminders

ALL artifacts are due no later than May 15th. If you have questions or concerns about your current status on your evaluation please email, call or set up a time to meet. My goal is for all of you to take an active role in your evaluation to ensure that I can support your development at Hanover. I am still updating PGP's (thank you for your patience with me on this!) When you have all your artifacts and you are ready for me to finalize please email me. I will run a hard copy of your finalization worksheet with your pre-school grade score you will need to sign. I would put a final signed copy in your mailbox. If you have any concerns with the worksheet please feel free to set up a time with me to go over.

Math Adoption Update

You should all (except high ability) have your teachers editions. Yes Bea she is ordering you TE's (my bad!) Please email me a preference as to PD on the new series. This spring, this fall or this summer. I'm assuming fall unless some of you tell me otherwise.

Upcoming Dates

  • May 6 Kindergarten Munching with Moms 2:00
  • May 9 Grade 3 Mapping with Mary 9-3
  • May 12 5th grade to Middle School
  • May 16 Jane Ball PTO event- Jane Ball Family Night out at SkyZone 5:30-7:30
  • May 17 Grade 4 Mapping with Mary
  • May 17 5th Grade Luncheon at Great Oaks- Middle School Visit
  • May 18 Grade 5 Mapping with Mary
  • May 18 High School Choir to Jane Ball 1:30
  • May 19 5th Grade Dare Graduation
  • May 20 5th Grade Social
  • May 21 MSI Family Day
  • May 24 3rd and 4th Grade Music Program REHEARSAL during the day.
  • May 25 ELL Family Night 5:00 pm
  • May 26 4th Grade Egg Drop
  • May 27 3rd Grade Field Trip to Lincoln Park Zoo
  • May 27 Kindergarten Graduation 1:30
  • May 30 NO SCHOOL
  • May 31 Grade 1 Field Trip -Fair Oaks Farm
  • June 1 Field Day
  • June 2 Talent Show
  • June 3 Last Day of School **** This is a change due to the snow day.
  • Because I mentioned this to some staff this week:)

    Still can't believe some of you never saw Bambi!!!!!!
    Bambi: Twitterpated