Locust Grove Tech Tidbits

By Denise O'Brien, LMS/STC

SAMR Model of Technology Use (Part 2)

This week I am focusing apps and web tools that compliment the second stage of the SAMR Model of Technology - Augmentation. With Augmentation there is some functional benefit here in that paper is being saved, students and teacher can receive almost immediate feedback on student level of understanding of material. This level starts to move along the teacher / student centric continuum. The impact of immediate feedback is that students may begin to become more engaged in learning.

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Click here to visit ThingLink on SAMR

This is a ThingLink that was created on the SAMR model that provides LOTS more Apps that can be utilized for the various SAMR levels.

Apps and Web for Augmentation- Applying & Analyzing


This is one I've highlighted before in previous years but it's a favorite of mine! Skitch (which integrates seamlessly with Evernote) is a great app that allows you to create sketches and annotate, edit and save photos and sketches. It is very useful for taking notes that can't be typed, annotating photos, and making sketches. Students can take pictures or screen shots with their iPad and annotate them, add shapes, aarows, etc. It's easy enough for even kindergartener's to use! Check out some of the examples below:

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is a free iPad app for creating slideshow presentations. There are two features of Haiku Deck that stand out. First, Haiku Deck intentionally limits how much text that you can put on each of your slides. Second, Haiku Deck helps you find Creative Commons licensed images for your presentations. When you type a word or words on your slides you can have Haiku Deck search for images for you. The images that Haiku Deck serves up are large enough to completely fill your slide. You can also upload your own images from your iPad.
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Grammar Jammers Primary Edition

Catchy animated songs and rhymes make English language arts exciting! Grammar Jammers animations will have you tapping your toes to the beat while learning grammar usage and mechanics. Each animation unlocks a quiz. Answer all the quiz questions for all the Grammar Jammers topics and unlock an interactive reward.

Grammar Jammers is also available in Elementary and Middle Editions.

All the Grammar Jammers are perfect for use in classrooms or at home for extra practice. A reset feature allows for the data to be cleared and the game to be re-set, ready for the next user.

Grammar Jammers Primary Edition includes unique animations and quiz questions on the following topics:

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ThingLink (App and for PC)

***Must Try App ***Also available on PC

ThingLink is a tool for creating and sharing interactive images. This allows teachers or students to add content inside any image - including photos, video and audio players, web links, polls, text and more - that appear in the image when shared and viewed. Spice up any multimedia projector or presentation by using ThingLink instead!

Check out this great blog that gives some great examples of how to use ThingLink and Edmodo together!

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Using ThingLink in the Classroom