The Superior Swordfish

By Sydney Wu

Swordfish Essay

Enjoy my swordfish essay about its appearance, diet, and habitat! In the comments, rate it on a scale of 1-10. 1 being horrible and 10 being awesome!


Imagine that you're a mackerel swimming gracefully alongside your shoal. Suddenly, an enormous, long object comes charging at you and hits you directly in the head. As if the enigmatic weapon is alive, it keeps swimming back and forth with a mind of its own, prodding me over and over again. You're knocked unconscious as the agile animal gobbles you up in one gulp. You've just been attacked by a swordfish! The appearance, diet, and habitat of the swordfish are just a few intriguing features about it. They are clearly one of the most majestic creatures in the ocean.


As you can infer, this exceptional organism excels in its astounding appearance, dandy diet, and harmonized habitat. I wish these enigmatic creatures were explored more. There are more to these marine animals than just their sword. Remember the next time that you go fishing in an ocean or sea to be on the lookout for the swordfish! You might catch it in your net or have it sinking its sword 10 inches into the hull of your boat! Either way, they are the majestic kings of the sea.

Think Tank

In the Think Tank, we created infobytes which are fun activity extras that add to your understanding of the topic. Enjoy my poem and quiz!!!!!

The Majestic Creature of the Sea

You zip through the ocean 50 miles at a time

You're a vast predator three times my size

With your stunning blue eyes and wonderful weaponry

You swim without fear through the sea

Snacking on shoals of herring everyday

In the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans you may

Squid and octopus you also find delish

You're the majestic ruler of the sea, the swordfish!!!

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Swordfish Quizzle

Test your knowledge gathered about the swordfish from the article. If you get 9-10 questions correct, you're a swordfish expert. If you get 6-8 questions correct, you're an intern. I you get 5 or below, you're a student and you're still in the learning process.

Go Fish

In Go Fish, we had a budget of $250 to spend on a fish tank, all the necessities, decorations, and fish. I spent $185 on a 20-gallon fish tank, cartridges, a filter, gravel, a thermometer, and much more supplies. Decorations I bought include a castle, three plants, and a vast rock for the fish to hide behind. Australian rainbowfish, a blue tang, a blue glass guppy, and two fancy guppies are in my pack of super fish. As you can see, managing a budget and finding the right prices is not easy. On the other hand, it’s still extremely exhilarating. I hope that the teachers here at FMS continue Go Fish!

Swordfish Diorama

This diorama includes a swordfish battling a Great White Shark as it chases after its prey, herring. A jellyfish is also floating mindlessly by while a sea turtle swims swiftly away from its stinging tentacles. Seaweed and coral are waving in the current while a starfish rests in the sand. This is my diorama!!!
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If you want to see swordfish catching in action, watch this video!
Swordfish ATTACKS Catch 22!
This video is incredibly funny while you see the might of the swordfish knock somebody overboard! Don't mess with this majestic creature!
Daytime Swordfish knocks mate overboard on the "Bn'M"


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