The Great Depression

By: Kevin Mendoza


  • The Great Depression started in 1929 it all started after WWI because the stock morket crashed.
  • Many people were unemployed, and some that didnt get fired had to work part time.
  • The stock market fell in a coures of 3 days Thursday, Mnday, and Tuesday.
  • The Great Depression ended when the New Deal went into play.
  • WWII also helped get the US back on track.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Roosevelt was the 32nd president and was the presedent through out the Great Depression. Roosevelt was alos the only presedent to be elected more than 2 tearms in office. He was also the presedent that lead the US into WWII and made up the New Deal that helped end the Great Depression. Roosevelt was very important in the Great Depretion. He was the first t come up with a solution to the Great Depression. Lastly, he helped water down racisom in the military by letting blacks join the war.

Time Line

  • October 1929 Black Thursday the stock market crashed.
  • March 1930 3.2 million peple are unemployed
  • December 1931 NY's Bank colapsis loseing over $200 million in deposits.


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