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Welcome to Mrs. Bright's 6th Grade Math class


Welcome to 6th grade. I am Mrs. Bright. This is my 10th year teaching 6th grade math at Highlands Junior. I am proud to be a Highlands Eagle.

The math curriculum has made big changes statewide. I have been preparing over the summer and believe I have found some fun yet challenging activities for us to grow and learn. However I will need your help. I will expect you to come to class prepared everyday. Being prepared means you have your supplies, homework and a good attitude.

I have several resources that will benefit you this year. A few of these resources include the online textbook, Remind101, Virtual Nerd, and Learning Earnings.

Supplies you need in your binder at all times

  • Pencils preferably Mechanical pencils
  • red pens
  • pink and cap Erasers
  • black fine dry erase markers
  • Dry erase eraser (may use a sock or wash cloth)
  • 3 subject spiral notebook
  • loose leaf notebook paper
  • color pencils
  • glue stick
  • highlighter
  • handheld sharpener

Classroom Procedures

Line up outside the door until invited in. Once you come into the classroom you will not be permitted to leave to use the restroom. I expect you to go before coming into my classroom. Yes this includes water! When you enter, go quietly to your seat get out your homework make sure it is titled and stapled before turning it into the tray. Next, get out your materials for the day and start on your warm up.

Homework Procedures

Homework is giving nightly and must be turned in the next day. Late assignments will lose 10 points for everyday they are late up to 3 days. Homework is turned in at the beginning of class into the black tray by the door of the classroom, neatly and all facing the same direction. Any assignment without a name, period and chair number will be trashed.

All work is to be done on notebook paper with your name and the assignment name on top. Worksheets are for answers only. It makes grading much easier. The notebook paper needs to be stapled to the back of the worksheet. When checking an assignment, if an answer cannot be found or your handwriting is not legible, it will be counted wrong.

Late Work

Any assignment that is not turned in the day it is due is considered Late Work. If you are absent, please write ABSENT on the top of your paper so that you do not lose 10 points. Late work needs to be turned in at the beginning of class and placed into the clear tray by the door of the classroom. Remember that any assignment not turned in on the day it is due, unless you are absent, will lose 10 points per day.

Makeup Work

There will be 5 trays at the front of the room, one for each class period. If you are absent that is the place to find your makeup work. Someone from your group or row will be sure to collect all assignments passed out, put your name on it and turn it into the tray. If you cannot find an assignment there, check with your group or row first to see if anyone collected it. If no one remembered, then they will need to talk to me to get your assignments.

Retake Policy

Any assignment below a 70 can be corrected or retaken for up to a 70. Homework assignments must be corrected on a clean notebook paper stapled to the corrected assignment. Please write at the top of the paper, “Corrections”and the title of the assignment. All corrected assignments should also include a parent signature. Test will follow the same policy. However not only must they be corrected and signed by a parent, but you must schedule a morning with me to come in before school to take a retest.

Restroom Procedures

Students will only be given 1 restroom break a six weeks. Students are expected to use the restroom in between classes. Students will only be allowed to use the restroom passes during the final 15 minutes of class. They must get permission and sign in and out.

Grading Policy

Homework 15%

Class work 25%

Tests 60%

We will have 20+ homework assignments, 3+ class work assignments and 3+ tests.