The PLEF Post

Keeping up the PACE

Tablet Materials

  • Students received a tablet, case, charger, earbuds, and stylus.
  • Teachers received a tablet, case, charger, earbuds, and stylus.
  • Class sets (30) of keyboards will be issued shortly.
  • Sets (4) of chargers will be checked out to every teacher when students begin to take tablets home. Students should not bring their chargers to school.

Tablet Deployment Days

Troubleshooting Steps

Help reinforce the proper troubleshooting steps. Students should be troubleshooting themselves using the poster before asking for help.

  1. Toggle Wifi
  2. Scan Wifi QR code if fan is grey.
  3. Restart the tablet
  4. Charge tablet
  5. If a "Sign-in Error" message pops up asking for a Google password (their email will already be there), please submit a ticket for this.
  6. Submit a ticket below. Someone will be by to get the tablet as soon as possible.

*Amplify Support on the tablet can be used when students are at home.

Tablet Etiquette

Guide students to appropriate tablet care at all times. Things to keep an eye on:

Are students carrying the tablet with both hands?

Are students avoiding stacking their tablets?

Are students placing the tablet in appropriate places?

Permission Forms

  • Make sure you have collected all PACE Tablet Pledge forms from your homeroom students.
  • Before using any LMS, like Edmodo, make sure you have the Web 2.0 form signed and collected.

Unblock Website!

Put in a request to unblock websites using the app on your tablet, Unblock Websites!

Request an App

Anything you need to know about Apps can be found in the Apps page on the PLERC. This includes what apps are available now, how students download apps, how teachers request apps, and much more.

Speaking of the PLERC, don't forget about the many resources available to you in theTablet Portal.

Playlist Builder

The Amplify Playlist Builder can be accessed by going to Your credentials are:

Username =

Password = first three letters of your last name + last four digits of your social.

This Wednesday there is a Playlist Builder Webinar showcasing this classroom tool. The webinar will be a great way to learn about all the new updates. Register here.

Can't join the webinar? Click the link below to connect to a series of videos on how to maneuver through Playlist Builder and other tablet basics.

Gaggle Accounts

  • There is no longer a Gaggle App on your tablet. Teachers can access Gaggle by going to
  • You can also try uploading your own Paper slide or Movie Studio videos to Gaggle Tube, using the icon (to the right). However, unless you want your video to also post to YouTube, make sure you click the box that says, "Do not post to YouTube."
  • Do not post any videos with students in them.

Searching with Gaggle Tube

  • You can access some YouTube videos using Gaggle Tube. See the instructions below:

Students can access Gaggle email by using the following link:

We'll go over the login information at our next PLC. If you wish for your students to use Gaggle before Tuesday, please email or call me.

Tablet Keyboard Acting Up?

If you have had any tablet keyboards placing letters where they don't belong, not being able to delete, or any unusual behavior of that nature, we believe that once external keyboards are issued, this problem will be obsolete. I tested the keyboard out on a teacher tablet today and it worked like a charm. Tubs for keyboards should arrive any day, and we will issue the keyboards as soon as we can.